Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood! (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring C. Thomas Howell, Tyshawn Bryant, Rachel Montez Collins, Johanna Watts, Robert Wu, Gregory Allan Williams Directed by Thunder Levin

Double Dose of the Dead DVD Winners Announced!

George A. Romero is still going strong and that means there's some Dead related carnage to be had! With the upcoming DVD releases of Diary of the Dead and the Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition just around the corner we figured we'd celebrate by giving them away for free! So ...

Exclusive: Romero Talks Diary 2!

So as you all probably know by now, George Romero’s latest fan-dividing zombie film, Diary of the Dead, is finally coming to DVD on May 20th (get it here). To celebrate and help spread the word, our own Uncle Creepy sat down with Mr. Romero for a cool, very relaxed interview that you should give a listen to right here.

Dawn of the Dead Showing at Monroeville Mall!

BD announced today that George A. Romero's zombie opus Dawn of the Dead will be screened at the iconic mall where the flick was shot!

Exclusive Dead Space Update From Executive Producer!

Oh, man have we got something cool for you guys today! We’ve been working with EA Games to help drum up interest in their badass outer space horror game, Dead Space, and today we got our hands on a blog posting from the game’s executive producer, Glen Schofield!

Gorify's Complete Zombie Makeup Kit Review

This past week a box arrived at our door from a company called Gorify. The company has a line of affordable horror-geared makeup products, and we jumped all over the opportunity to turn someone into a member of the walking dead.

DVD Releases: Grizzly Teeth!

Toothy grizzlies are headed your way this Tuesday, May 6th, 2008. To best be prepared, make sure you fortify yourself with new horror DVD releases...

Gallowwalker Trailer!

Been a while since we heard anything from the world of Gallowwalker, the Wesley Snipes zombie cowboy movie. It’s all right, though; absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially when the heart is anticipating a badass zombie movie with western aesthetics, something no one’s been able to pull off quite right yet.

Praise-filled Dance of the Dead Art

Another poster for Gregg Bishop’s upcoming teens vs. the undead flick, Dance of the Dead, showed up on IMP Awards today; and while it’s not as amusing as the last one, it certainly does heap on the praise!

Shanks (1974)

The strangest zombie movie ever made! Discuss Rick's twisted mind in the Dread Central forums!

Tribeca 2008: Thriller Night Report!

On Thursday, April 24th, hordes of people (both living and undead) gathered outdoors for a special screening of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” courtesy of the Tribeca Film Fest Drive-In series.

Dead Air Footage Online

We’ve hit the set, talked to the principals, and been feed info about Corbin Bersen’s Dead Air for months now; finally we can see what it looks like! Reelz Channel recently got to chat with the folks behind the zombie movie, which stars Bill Moseley, David Moscow and, of course, Corbin Bersen. Check out the video below!

Night of the Living Dead Celebrates 40!

Forty years ago a grainy black-and-white movie about a group of people trapped in a house changed the face of horror forever. Out of that one film were spawned sequels and an entire sub-culture that includes conventions, gatherings, clothing, and movies, all dedicated to the shambling masses that are zombies.

Vanguard Pulls Into the Bay

We just got confirmation of where The Vanguard, the British post-apocalyptic zombie film from Matthew Hope, has found its new home, and it’s not very surprising: good old Anchor Bay!

Marvel Says NO To Zombies

New York Comic Con is packed wall to wall with celebrities, entertainment companies, toy makers and comic geniuses. When you aren't being herded down the aisles, you can sit in a hall to hear the latest on your favorite projects from TV, comics, toys, movies, video games and beyond.