New Stills From Pontypool

Some new stills from the speech-to-infection inspired zombie flick, Pontypool surfaced today and they showcase a bit of the violent chaos that goes down. Yay, violent chaos!

World War Z Film Update

If you're anything like me, and my condolences if you are, then you are eagerly anticipating the film adaptation of Max Brook's zombie novel World War Z. Recently there's been little news regarding it, but finally some has begun to trickle out.

Zombieland Effects Guru Dishes Movie Details

Over at MTV Movie Blogs, special effects wizard Tony Gardner is giving up some 411 on the new zombie comedy currently in production, Zombieland. According to Gardner, “Basically, it’s the end of the world; the entire nation is zombies. And [the humans] are trying to get from the east coast to the west coast.”

Spill Some Blood for Resident Evil 5

If you live in the LA area, here's your chance to give back to the community and also score some cool stuff for yourself. On Friday, March 13, Capcom will usher in the launch of Resident Evil 5 by partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive.

Everybody Run! Fast Zombies With Guns!

You always have to love a movie whose title also doubles for the plot synopsis. Such a case is Fast Zombies With Guns. For all of you out there who hate zombies that can run, this time they can run and shoot.

Pontypool Gets an Artsy East Coast Premiere

Canada’s inventive new take on the zombie genre, Pontypool, will be celebrating its East Coast premiere at the famous Museum of Modern Art located at 11 West 53rd Street in New York City. The first screening will be held Thursday, March 19th, at 6:15 p.m. with a second showing on Saturday, March 21st, at 8:45 p.m.

Xombie: Dead On Arrival The Complete Flash Series on DVD Trailer

If you loved the online flash series Xombie, then you are going to be rendered helpless in a state of necro-nirvana when the the DVD for Xombie: Dead On Arrival The Complete Flash Series drops in a few weeks! To celebrate we've got a trailer for ya!

Pontypool Clips Now Online

Ready for some kick ass clips from Pontypool? I know you are, and we've got several for you to peruse. Get in here and start diggin' on the goodness!

Badass New Pontypool Trailer

I love trailers. Especially trailers for movies about the world going to hell in a handbasket. Makes our economic woes seem a little less troublesome, does it not?

UK to Unleash Zombies of the Night

British Phoenix Films and Burn Hand Film Productions have joined together to produce Zombies of the Night directed by Stuart Brennan and starring Joe Bone. The film is just wrapping up post-production and is slated for release in the fall of this year.

First Look Behind ...of the Dead!

George Romero was at a film festival recently and showed a very cool behind-the-scenes clip from his latest zombie outing, still called …of the Dead. It features cast and crew talking about how cool it is working with George, including one zombie whom I’m sure you’ll all find very familiar.

Zombie Themed Wine Hitting the Market

I'm not sure how many wine aficionados we have around Dread Central, but after reading about a new offering from Redheads Studio of McLaren Vale in Southern Australia called "Return of the Living Red," I just had to share the details.

Tokyo Zombie Coming to DVD April 7th

Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, horror comedy sensation Tokyo Zombie is set for release on DVD this April 7, 2009.

Dead Rising 2 Setting Revealed

Thanks to IGN, we got some more details on the upcoming Dead Rising 2. The gaming site had a chance to listen to this week's Secret Files podcast of Capcom's head of R&D, Keiji Inafune, who not only revealed some clues about the direction of the upcoming sequel but also expanded on the next phase of Capcom's global design philosophy.

Dougherty Penning Dead @ 17 Script?

It’s been a long time since we heard much about an adaptation of the 4-issue comic series Dead @ 17, but it seems things have been moving and shaking on the project behind the scenes that may see its eventual creation on a much larger scale than originally expected.