Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing Interest

Look, we're never going to tell you how to spend your money. We'll leave that job to your wife and mother-in-law. However, if we see a fundraising project we thing is really worthwhile, we'll give you a look at it. Take a gander at Hozon!

Top 7 Most Shocking Moments from Day of the Dead

Rejoice, horror fans! Day of the Dead: Collector's Edition is out now on Blu-ray! Sporting a brand new transfer from the Scream Factory, it looks to provide all of the film's shocks and incredible F/X work in stunning high-definition!

Stalled Gets a Courtesy Flush and a Release Date

The horror comedy Stalled has gotten itself a release date! No shit! Really! Look for it to premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson, Texas, on October 3rd; and it will spread elsewhere theatrically after that. It’ll also be on VOD platforms October 4th so get your toilet paper ready.

AMC Announces The Walking Dead Spin-Off Series

Just a week after announcing that "Breaking Bad" would soon be getting its own spinoff, today comes the news that AMC is looking to give the same treatment to another popular show of theirs, "The Walking Dead."

Check Out Four Minutes of The Walking Dead Season 4

AMC has put together a four-minute preview of the upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead," and we have every walker-filled second of it right here for you. Cold and twitchin'!

Rick and Daryl Get Up Close and Personal in New Walking Dead Promo Images

Fans of Rick and Daryl should be pleased with these latest two promo images from AMC's upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead." Be warned... Rick's murder face is bound to haunt you the rest of the day.

Exclusive New Dead Before Dawn Clip Rises From the Grave

The Zemons are on their way to your local online and offline retailer as the horror comedy Dead Before Dawn looks to put the bite on horror fans on DVD and Blu-ray! Read on for an exclusive clip from the spookshow!

Help Fund Tom Savini's Vacation to Death Island

It's a sad day when a legend like Tom Savini has to take to the internet to get a film funded, isn't it? Though I guess that's just a reflection of the movie business these days, where even folks like Zach Braff and Spike Lee have to beg fans for money, the same way a teenager who wants to film a zombie movie in his mom's backyard does.

Another Teaser from The Walking Dead Season 4 Finds Its Way In

It's Sunday night so AMC has taken advantage of the large number of eyes glued to the channel for "Breaking Bad" and released another quick promo for "The Walking Dead" Season 4. Something mysterious threatens the safety at the prison. It's gonna be hell waiting to find out what it is!

Zombedy Stalled Gets Uncork'd in the U.S.

There are few times in a person's life when taking a shit can be the start of a nightmare. The horror comedy Stalled takes that premise and cranks up the bad dreams to 11. Read on for the first distro news pertaining to this living dead laugh riot!

New Clip From The Walking Dead Season 4 Sees Daryl Dixon Doing What He Does Best!

AMC has released a new clip from the upcoming fourth season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and it is brimming with walkers and one man who knows exactly how to deal with a herd. Check it out!

The Walking Dead - New Michonne and Flame Image Rides In

Another new still in promotion of the upcoming fourth season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" has arrived, and it features Michonne (Danai Gurira) riding high on her steed, Flame. So. Very. Hot.

Dave Reda Announces New Short Film Rotting Love

Dave Reda is an indie filmmaker we've been keeping our eyes on for a while now, and he dropped us a line this week to share some news about his latest project, Rotting Love.

AMC, Instructure, and UC Irvine Launch Online Course Inspired by The Walking Dead

Well, this is certainly something I didn't expect to be typing up today. An online course that uses themes from "The Walking Dead" to teach students lessons about science and survival? Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming!

Official Walking Dead Season 4 Artwork Crashes the Gates

The official artwork in promotion of the upcoming fourth season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" has arrived, and it's... well... a bit too similar to everything we saw last year for our liking. Let us know what YOU think.