Bloody MMA Horror Hits With Everlast

The world of mixed martial arts has seen more than its fair share of violence over the years, but never like this. That's right, kids! The folks over at YouTube's BlackboxTV are back with something that kicks like a bull! Read on for your first look at Everlast.

Idiot Teen Learns How NOT to Instagram

Here at Dread Central we know that the Internet has many uses besides porn. For instance... we appreciate the stupidity of the average person, and any time we get to sit back and watch as someone's own ignorance breeds chaos, we take it. Case in point...

Seriously... WTF Happened to Movie Posters?

There was a time when all a movie had to have going for it was a cool poster and I'd see it. I distinctly remember walking through the aisles of Parkway or Royal Video... diggin' on their horror sections and feeling like I had just struck gold. Then somewhere along the line things got all fucked up.

Giant Alien Goes on an Intergalactic Rampage

The job of an astronaut is filled with danger. It's not just the arduous time-consuming, space-madness-inducing traveling they have to endure that could spell the end. In space no one can hear you scream. But...

YouTuber Modernizes 80s Horror Trailers!

You can pretty much tell just by watching a movie trailer what decade it's from. The way trailers were cut together in the 80s was vastly different than the way they're cut together nowadays, for example.

Unboxing Video: Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Set

All right, Friday fans! This morning we sunk our claws deep into the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set and filmed this quick video for you cats so you can see... "What's in the box?"

What If the World Ended During a Job Interview? Must See Video!

It's Friday and we all have one thing in common... we want the day to end so we can enjoy our usual weekend hijinx. Jobs, even cool jobs, suck; but there's one thing worse... job interviews. Still, as you'll see from this hilarious prank video, they've never gotten this bad!

YouTube's Geek Week Takes You to the Most Haunted Places in the USA!

All week long over on YouTube it's Geek Week, a celebration of the nerd in all of us that features all sorts of fun and exclusive content from over 100 of the most popular geeky channels on the 'Tube.

Scream Factory YouTube Channel ALIVE AND SCREAMING!

The wait is over, kids! Scream Factory's YouTube Channel has launched and is waiting to sink its claws into you right now. Don't waste another second. You know it's gonna kick ass! These cats can do no wrong, I tell you! And even if they did, they do enough right to make up for it!

Another YouTube Channel Looking to Become Horror's Home

Nowadays it seems as if everyone is chasing the same dragons as a means to set themselves apart and become the definitive destination for online horror-themed entertainment. Another YouTube channel has opened, and it has some big plans.

The Scream Factory Launches YouTube Channel

Well, this was certainly inevitable, and lord knows they have enough content! That's right, kids; the horror gods over at the Scream Factory have launched themselves a channel on YouTube, and it's rife with all sorts of goodies!

Screampix Launches Horror Channel on YouTube

While we all still wait for a definitive horror TV channel to come around (wow, has it been a long wait), things are happening quickly on YouTube; and a new channel is ready to start doling out the death. Read on for your first look at the newly launched Screampix service.

BlackBoxTV is Frightfully Funny!

We first told you about the new horror-themed YouTube channel BlackBoxTV way back in January of 2012, and since then it's been steadily picking up steam. On tap for you cats to dig on right now are three clips that are nothing short of a must watch!

What if The Hangover Was a Horror Movie?

It truly is amazing what a bit of editing can do. For instance, take The Hangover, arguably one of the funniest films of the last ten years. Do a little editing, add some music, and what you're left with can chill you to the bone.

It Came From the Internet: Seven Sinister Psychos!

We are always on the lookout for cool videos to help you bide your time, and this latest mash-up of two of October's must-see films, Sinister and Seven Psychopaths, is nothing short of stellar!