Original Programming for the Xbox to Include an Adaptation of Chuck Dixon's Winterworld

Microsoft made a pretty big announcement today about "Xbox: Originals," their own original programming launching in June. Only a few of the projects sound Dread-worthy, but one in particular caught our eye.

Xbox One Launch Date Announced!

The wait is over! Microsoft has announced the release date for its upcoming next generation gaming system, and it is... what? Oh, yeah... sorry. The excitement momentarily made us lose our train of thought.... ahem...

Microsoft Unveils Full List of Xbox One Launch Titles

Microsoft had a very busy morning in Cologne, Germany, at GamesCom 2013, as the company has unveiled a list of more than 20 titles that will be available for purchase at the time of the One's launch. Stay tuned for a specific date, but for now here's the pretty damned impressive launch line-up.

Xbox One Unboxed! Looking Sexy!

It truly is a great time to be a gamer. With two seriously sexy new systems on their way from both Sony and Microsoft, the next generation of gaming will be starting this fall in a big way. So what will be coming with your Xbox One, you ask? Read on for the skinny!

Xbox One - Microsoft Reveals New Details and Answers Questions

Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One left gamers with more questions than answers. Does it need to be "always on?" Will you be able to trade in or lend games to your friends? Can anyone in my house use my games when they're signed in? Finally some answers have come.

First Look at Xbox One Video Game Packaging

So we know what the console, the Kinect camera, and the controller will look like for Xbox One, but now the first video game box art and design have surfaced via the Forza Twitter account. Check it out!

Xbox One - Larry Hyrb Answers User Questions

Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, has worked on the Xbox team that developed Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360, and now Xbox One. He took some time to chat on Yahoo! today to answer some lingering and nagging questions regarding the Xbox One. We were on hand and have brought you the key bits of info.

Xbox One - Lots of Questions Answered!

Since the announcement of the Xbox One yesterday, gamers have had lots of questions. Will it be always online? Will it play used games? Can we trade in games? This latest FAQ straight from Microsoft does a good job of answering most of them. Dig it!

The Xbox One - Check Out the Full Fact Sheet and Videos

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One has so much new content that it is impossible to cover it all in one post - so now check out the full fact sheet alongside some new videos showcasing the console and the reveal trailer for Quantum Break. Enjoy!

First Look at Xbox One and the Future of Entertainment

Today Microsoft revealed the new completely redesigned Xbox One, which will soon become your all-in-one entertainment system to create experiences like no other. The system will instantly recognize you and will do away with manual login and annoying system updates.

Here is the XBOX ONE! First Images!

The wait is over! The Xbox reveal is currently happening, and we've got the first pictures of the system AND the controller right here for you right now. Gotta say it... this thing is SEXY. Check it out now!

New Indie Game Block Zombies Hungry for Attention

Block Zombies is a new Xbox indie game that is available now from the developers at Nostatic Software. Because, you know, the only thing more frightening than zombies are zombies made out of blocks.

Undead Labs Talks Xbox Live Arcade Zombie Project - Class3 and First Word on Class4

Jeff Strain and Undead Labs are CLEARLY up to something fun with their new MMOZ for XBLA, code named Class3 (and apparently another code named Class4) so we had to get to the bottom of things and find out wtf was going on. So I pumped Undead Labs producer Emily Diehl for details and was STOKED to find out that she's a hardcore horror gal!

Bleach & Death Note Airing on Xbox LIVE

We've already made you guys aware of the Xbox LIVE series of short films called Horror Meets Comedy, and now comes word that animated action series Bleach and Death Note (both Uncut and English dubbed) are available via LIVE as well.

James Gunn Directs Xbox Live Originals!

If you haven't heard already, Xbox Live is currently working on original video content that will be available for download via the 360. While many TV shows and movies are currently out there, this new branch of direct downloading is a little bit more exciting. Why? Because James Gunn is involved!