World War Z

New Image From World War Z Offers a Bit More of the Same

Courtesy of USA Today a new image from World War Z has hit the internet of people (including star Brad Pitt) looking very worried. Read on for yet another status quo bit of eye candy and look for more, hopefully exciting stuff, soon!

More Stills From the Set of World War Z

Apparently World War Z is still filming, and Just Jared has landed some new paparazzi images from the set of a bloodied Brad Pitt and more. Check them out right here, and look for more on this one as it comes.

Watch a New Version of the World War Z Trailer Voiced by Pee-wee Herman

A twist on the trailer for Paramount's long awaited adaptation of the Max Brooks zombie phenomenon World War Z is here that truly changes everything! We also have a slightly clearer look at the first still from the film we showed you a few days ago. Dig it!

The First Official World War Z Trailer Is Finally Here!

After a few days of teases, the first official trailer for Paramount's zombie extravaganza World War Z has arrived, but strangely, we still don't have an official synopsis. Expect one soon, and look for the film in theatres on June 21, 2013.

New World War Z Still; More on the Film's Running Zombies and a Possible Trilogy

The full trailer for World War Z is expected to drop in a few hours, and in the meantime we have a new still featuring Brad Pitt along with a few comments from visual effects supervisor John Nelson about the type of zombies we'll see in the film.

World War Z Launches an Official Website and Reveals its Title Treatment

With the release of the first trailer for World War Z coming Thursday, November 8th (check out a sneak peek here), the powers-that-be have finally gotten their act together and launched the film's official website along with revealing its logo/title treatment.

A Sneak Peek of the World War Z Trailer

Never mind the rewrites, reshoots, and behind-the-scenes drama. All we care about is that World War Z delivers the zombie goods when it finally arrives next June. Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming trailer, and check back every day between now and Thursday (when the full trailer debuts on ET) for more.

World War Z - What Horrors Does the Trailer Hold?

Recently Coming Soon caught a look at the trailer for Paramount's upcoming flick World War Z, and we have to say after reading the footage description, our hopes are pretty high for this latest sliver of undead mayhem.

Brad Pitt Not Worried About World War Z Reshoots

Remember in True Romance when Brad Pitt played a carefree stoner? Well, apparently not much has changed as the actor has shrugged off all the bad stuff being reported about World War Z in recent news stories. Read on for the details.

First Cut of World War Z Home to Less than an Hour of Footage?

Of all the troublesome things we've heard about the shoot of World War Z, this is by far the most loony, and we're talking about a production that had its weapons seized by the government! Read on for the latest.

Drew Goddard Talks World War Z

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Drew Goddard stepping in to help with the ending of Paramount's much troubled adaptation of World War Z. Now Collider has caught up with the man himself, who brought with him some clarity to the situation.

World War Z Woes Continue

What a mess. At this point, nothing is surprising when it comes to news surrounding Paramount Pictures flop-in-the-making World War Z. And what's the latest? That producer and star Brad Pitt is not on speaking terms with oft-maligned director Marc Forster. Color us stunned!

Drew Goddard Rewrites World War Z Ending

There are many heroes in the universe of World War Z. However, none of them will prove to be more valuable than the guy who can step in and save this troubled production. Enter The Cabin in the Wood's Drew Goddard.

World War Z - What Went Wrong?

The road to get the big screen adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z into theatres has been as bumpy as we have ever seen. Prop seizures. Reshoots. Rewrites. You name it, this production has suffered through it. Insiders close to the flick have already started dishing dirt.

Damon Lindelof Rewriting World War Z

Man, World War Z is having one hell of a time making it to the big screen. Everything you can imagine happening to hamper production has, from the recently announced seven weeks of reshoots to the film's firearms being seized by the government. Now another writer is batting clean up.