Full Official Trailer Arrives for WGN America's Salem

Ready to see a full two minutes of WGN America's upcoming new series "Salem"? Then settle in because the network has released the official Season 1 trailer featuring never-before-seen footage from the first episode (#1.01, "The Vow) and beyond.

Latest Scene from Salem Explores Dark Rituals

Another clip has arrived from WGN America's upcoming new series "Salem," and this one shows us that dark rituals are happening just beyond the rigid Puritan society of Salem. Will you be tuning in on Easter Sunday when the show premieres? Heathens, let the countdown begin!

Cotton Questions Mercy in this New Clip from Salem Episode 1.01 - The Vow

We're just a little over a week away from the arrival of the spooky looking "Salem" on WGN America, and along with another clip, we now have the official synopsis of Episode 1.01, "The Vow."

Eat Up this New Promo for WGN America's Salem

Want to see more of WGN America's "Salem" before you commit to tuning in when it debuts on the 20th? Then check out this new promo that warns, "Careful, Heathens: Salem will devour your very soul."

First Clip from Salem Reveals a Dinner Party to Remember

We were already interested in WGN America's "Salem" just from the cool promos, but now that the first clip has arrived, we're even more on board! Check out a scene from "Salem" - a dinner party during which a startled Capt. Alden is offered a more interesting taste from beneath the table than on top of it!

Meet Salem's Powerful Enchantress Mary Sibley

WGN America is bringing out the big guns to start off your work week as another "The People of Salem" video has arrived to get you acquainted with the characters of the network's upcoming new series. Meet Mary Sibley, portrayed by Janet Montgomery, Salem's most powerful enchantress. Beware, heathens. Black magic is near!

Meet Another Person of Salem: Tituba

It's time to get acquainted with another person of "Salem," WGN America's upcoming new series that arrives in just a few more weeks. Meet Tituba, portrayed by Ashley Madekwe, who has plenty of hidden powers and secrets of her own.

New Salem Image Turns a Blind Eye; New Countdown Video and More!

Looking forward to WGN's new series "Salem?" We are because if the ad campaign is any indication of how the series will be, we're in for quite a witchy little treat! Check out some new goodies to help you pass the time until the show's premiere.

Meet War Veteran John Alden - One of the People of Salem

Another video introducing us to the "People of Salem" has arrived, this time focusing on hardened war veteran John Alden (Shane West), who returns to his native Salem to find it consumed in a witch hunt frenzy.

WGN America Airing Salem: Witches Are Real TONIGHT!

Any of you heathens planning to check out the new series "Salem" when it debuts on WGN America next month? First be sure to learn all about the mystery surrounding the Salem witch trials tonight, March 25th, in a WGN America documentary special at 11PM ET/8PM PT. Here's a taste!

Latest Promo for WGN America's Salem Shows No Mercy

From what we've seen so far, "Salem" looks to be worth checking out when it debuts in a few weeks. Will you be there when a war from hell begins? Here's a new promo to entice you along with a look at Xander Berkeley as the town's chief politician, Magistrate Hale.

A Bevy of New Goodies Prepare You for a Trip to Salem

Excited for the upcoming premiere of WGN America's "Salem?" Then strap in because you're gonna love this! On tap are a brand new 4-minute long featurette and dozens of mostly new stills (plus a few you may have seen already). Check out all the goods here!

Meet Witch Hunter Cotton Mather - One of the People of Salem

Driven by secret obsessions and desire, Cotton Mather (played by Seth Gabel) is the well-educated local aristocrat who fans the flames of the town's witch hunt in WGN America's new series "Salem," and a new video has arrived to introduce you to him.

See Salem's Latest Torture Device and Lots of New Key Art

We're just a little over a month away from the premiere of WGN America's "Salem," and a couple of new posters have arrived along with some pretty cool promotional items - like "The Pear of Anguish," featured on the show's Facebook page.

New Promo for Salem Has Something Worse than a Witch Hunt

We're closing in on the April premiere of WGN America's "Salem," and a new promo video for the show has popped in that ominously states, "The Devil is never going to let a Promised Land be built here without a battle."