Halloween Week on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means the holiday episodes of most TV shows are airing the week before, including those on The CW, but that doesn't mean genre fans don't have more to look forward to, as evidenced by the just released synopses of "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 3.08, "Ordinary People", and "The Secret Circle" Episode 1.08, "Beneath", both airing on November 3rd. "Supernatural" Episode 7.07, "The Mentalists", which bows November 4th, isn't sounding too shabby either.

Disney Still Looking to Howl with the Lone Ranger

A while ago we did a story concerning Disney scrapping the long talked about Johnny Depp vehicle The Lone Ranger. Why were we even covering it, you ask? Because everyone's favorite cowboy and Indian were slated to go head up with a werewolf. We thought the project was dead in the water. Until now ...

Spend Valentine's Day 2012 with Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift

Ever since learning that Anne Rice has a new book in the works about werewolves entitled The Wolf Gift at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we've been wondering when we'll be able to get our hands on it. Well, the answer has come from the author herself!

True Blood Season Finale - Recap and Inside the Episode of "And When I Die"

As far as this writer's concerned, last night's finale of "True Blood" went a long way toward righting what was wrong with Season 4 -- assuming that the people who apparently died stay dead -- and did a good job setting up the events of Season 5, coming June 2012. Want to relive some of what transpired? Here we have for you a recap of "And When I Die" along with an "Inside the Episode" video with writer Raelle Tucker and director Scott Winant.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Soul of Fire"; Preview of Season Finale "And When I Die"

This is it, fangbangers! "And When I Die", the season finale of "True Blood", is happening this Sunday, September 11th; and then it's another loooong wait until Season 5, when hopefully the series will get back on track without those meddlesome witches casting spells and causing mayhem! But first, how about a quick recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Soul of Fire" with writer Mark Hudis and director Michael Lehmann?

Tiffany Shepis Puts the Bite on in She Wolf Rising

It's no secret that here at DC we love us some Tiffany Shepis, and any time we get the chance, we're more than happy to point you in the direction of yet another horror flick starring this delectable creature! Read on for details.

Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr To Administer a Love Bite

Love bites. Love bleeds. It's bringin' me to my knees. Ah, cheesy rock and roll filled with bandanas, ripped jeans, and ridiculous hair. I remember you fondly. Yet the Def Leppard song is not the subject of the day! We're talking a new werewolf flick!

Things Getting Hairy for Ti West

When it comes to director Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), we'll watch anything he churns out. If only to see how he dispatches Larry Fessenden (we missed that in The Innkeepers, however). But seriously ...

True Blood: A Trio of Preview Clips from Burning Down the House

Just three episodes are left for HBO's "True Blood" to salvage what most of here at Dread Central feel has been a mixed bag of a season at best so here's hoping these three clips from the upcoming Episode 46, "Burning Down the House", show some improvement over what we've seen during the past couple of weeks.

International Trailer Debut: Game of Werewolves

Time to add a bit of international flavor to your Tuesday with the trailer debut of Game of Werewolves. Sadly, however, if you don't habla español, you're kind of out of luck and will have to settle for looking at all the pretty pictures.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Let's Get Out of Here"; Preview of "Burning Down the House"

It's another Monday, which of course means it's time to rehash last night's "True Blood" a bit. Personally I thought it was one of the weakest entries of the season, but with just three eps to go, I'm holding out hope things will improve as we approach the finale. Here are a recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Let's Get Out of Here" along with a preview of next week's "Burning Down the House".

Game of Thrones Hits Big. George R.R. Martin's The Skin Trade Lands Producers!

It's been over a year since last we spoke about an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's short story The Skin Trade, but with "Game of Thrones" hitting as big as it has, it's no wonder that other pending projects of his have been getting the rub.

Did Disney Deny Us a $200 Million Lone Ranger vs. Werewolves Flick?

Disney has pulled the plug on The Lone Ranger due to the budget skyrocketing upwards of $200 million. If that price tag doesn’t sound crazy enough to you, what if I told you the premise would have seen the Lone Ranger and Tonto fighting werewolves in the Old West?

More October DVD Releases - Grave Encounters and The Howling: Reborn Hitting Shelves on the 18th

The October 2011 DVD release list is starting to fill up with news of two more movies that are hitting store shelves on October 18th: the Vicious Brothers' cinéma-vérité style Grave Encounters (review here) and Joe Nimziki’s The Howling: Reborn. Look for more info on each release, including cover art and specs, soon.