Full Trailer for Game of Werewolves Begins Howling

Well what do ya know! Just yesterday we brought you a new international one-sheet for Game of Werewolves, and today the full trailer has clawed its way online. As per usual we have it for you right here.

Latest Game of Werewolves International One-Sheet Lacks Bite

Nowadays good poster art is hard to find. Completely hit or miss. As for this latest international one-sheet for Game of Werewolves, well, let's just say you can file this one confidently under "miss".

Two More Werewolves Join the Pack for True Blood Season 5

And the "True Blood" werewolf pack has grown by another two members as both Kelly Overton (The Ring Two) and Louis Herthum (The Last Exorcism) have landed major recurring roles on HBO's popular series. Overton will appear in six episodes while Herthum is confirmed for five with both having series regular options for the next season.

True Blood Casting News: Dale Dickey to Portray Marcus' Mom

You may not know the name, but we're pretty you'll recognize the face. Dale Dickey, winner of the 2011 Independent Spirit Award - Best Supporting Female for Winter's Bone, has joined the cast of HBO's "True Blood" as the mother of dearly departed werewolf packmaster Marcus Bozeman (played by Dan Buran).

AFM 2011: Ambitious Sales Trailer for Hallow Pointe

Seeing a poster for a movie can surely give you an idea about what a film is about. Seeing things in motion, though? That's when the magic happens. Strap in for some good old fashioned werewolf mayhem, dearest reader, and check out the sales trailer for Thomas J. Churchill's Hallow Pointe.

AFM 2011: There's a Steel Moon Rising

Just when you thought we were done with horror movies that take place in outer space, yet another interstellar opus has landed on our desks, and we've got the artwork and details you need to save your soul.

Full Synopsis for Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift

Just about a week ago we got our first look at the cover art for author Anne Rice's upcoming return to the supernatural genre, The Wolf Gift, and now her publisher has provided the book's full synopsis, which we must say just has us even more anxious for February of next year!

AFM 2011: Eye Candy Leads to One Hell of a Love Bite

Oh, how we love a good old fashioned werewolf movie. That is, when they're done right. Yes, we're still looking at you, The Howling Reborn! So let's hope this latest one leaves behind the right kind of Love Bite.

Beavis & Butthead Return Just in Time to Mock Twilight

Ever since "Beavis & Butthead" left the airwaves 14 years ago, the world has gotten a little less bright - and ironically, a helluva lot dumber. Which is why Mike Judge is back with a relaunch of his iconic show, targeting everything that sucks: from pop culture teen trends to reality television. So why are we covering it at Dread Central? Read on!

Cover Art and Pre-Order Details for Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift; A Message from the Author

When it comes to modern horror literature, there's been a big hole in recent years since Anne Rice opted to leave the genre; however, that's all about to change with the publication of The Wolf Gift this coming February 14th, 2012. Anne is back, and we couldn't be happier! Take a peek at the book's cover art, pre-order your copy from Amazon, and listen to Anne herself speak to the fans about her new novel.

Exclusive Q&A: Writer/Director Joe Nimziki Talks The Howling: Reborn

Thirty years to the day that Joe Dante's original The Howling hit theaters, writer/director Joe Nimziki is breathing new life into the long-dormant franchise with his contribution, The Howling: Reborn, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray everywhere today, October 18th, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Halloween Week on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means the holiday episodes of most TV shows are airing the week before, including those on The CW, but that doesn't mean genre fans don't have more to look forward to, as evidenced by the just released synopses of "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 3.08, "Ordinary People", and "The Secret Circle" Episode 1.08, "Beneath", both airing on November 3rd. "Supernatural" Episode 7.07, "The Mentalists", which bows November 4th, isn't sounding too shabby either.

Disney Still Looking to Howl with the Lone Ranger

A while ago we did a story concerning Disney scrapping the long talked about Johnny Depp vehicle The Lone Ranger. Why were we even covering it, you ask? Because everyone's favorite cowboy and Indian were slated to go head up with a werewolf. We thought the project was dead in the water. Until now ...

Spend Valentine's Day 2012 with Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift

Ever since learning that Anne Rice has a new book in the works about werewolves entitled The Wolf Gift at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we've been wondering when we'll be able to get our hands on it. Well, the answer has come from the author herself!