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Inside Horror Returns for Season 2

Horror's number one internet talk show is coming back for more sexy mayhem when the season begins on Tuesday, April 24th. If you thought season one was cool ... you haven't seen ANYTHING yet!

Bxx: Haunted (Web Series)

Starring Jeffery Bell, Kalinda Gray, Lynda Reynoso, Ryan Hannah King, Brent McGregor, Michael O'Connell, Kayte Arnett Created and written by Daniel Knauf Directed by Cliff Osmond

Chopper Rolling Again! Six New Episodes Forthcoming

After some exciting debut episodes which ran last Halloween, the creators of the online series Chopper began grinding out new chapters of the show this past Friday the 13th and plan on dropping six more segments between now and the end of the month.

Daniel Knauf's Bxx: Haunted Officially Opens

We've been talking about Daniel Knauf's experimental and innovative new project Bxx: Haunted for a long while now, and we're extremely happy to tell you that it is now officially open and waiting to be explored. Believe us, kids; this is as close to real ghost hunting as we've ever seen! Dig it!

Throwing Stones Web Series Comes to Dread Central! Watch the Entire Second Season NOW!

Just last week we brought you guys the entire first season of the hit web series "Throwing Stones" (Season 1 here), and now it's time to turn you on to the much nastier second season! Dig it!

The Dead Hour Wraps Season 2 - Entire Series Available Online

It seems the indie web series is the wave of the future. We've seen plenty of them come our way, even giving a couple of them a home here at Dread Central.

Throwing Stones Web Series Comes to Dread Central! Watch the Entire First Season NOW!

Have we got a weekend treat for you! Even though there are no horror flicks opening this week, we figured hey, folks have to get their fix somewhere, right? So dig it, kids! Watch the entire first season of the hit horror web series Throwing Stones right here, right NOW!

Exclusive Images from Chopper; More Mayhem Coming Soon with New Contest and Final Episodes of Season 1

LA-based Dilemma entertainment and marketing agency is breathing new life into Season 1 of the online horror series Chopper this month with more episodes, more characters, more VFX and more music. And we have some exclusive stills of the upcoming mayhem to share!

Check Out the Entire Wolfpack of Reseda Series - Right NOW!

If you missed out on any of the episodes of Wolfpack of Reseda, fret not, oh horror loving one! You can dig on the whole enchilada right now! You just have to head over to that wasteland of "Check out my band" requests known as MySpace.

Scared Stiff Films Brings Us New Short - Alone

Doug Plomitallo of Scared Stiff Films, the creators of such memorable shorts as Closet Monster, Tiny's Halloween and Predator: The True Horrors of Halloween, just dropped their newest short, a creative 10-minute joint entitled Alone... and we've got it here for you.

Cast of The Chainsaw Sally Show Talk Season 2 and Beyond

The Chainsaw Sally Show recently aired the final episode of their eagerly anticipated web series' Season 2. The stars of the production were gracious enough to sit down with Dread Central and talk about the adventures of creating this indie production.

The Bxx Has Been Opened! Exclusive First Look Inside!

Daniel Knauf's experimental and innovative Bxx: Haunted has now opened to a limited number of explorers in a preview of the final product. If you got in, then you know what delights await for the curious. If not, well, I supposed I can give you a peek.

Take a Look at Ron Purtee's New Project Sole Survivor

Guerilla filmmaker Ron Purtee is taking his unique approach to filmmaking in an entirely new direction. His new project The Sole Survivor is one man's look at surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

Bloody Cuts Returns with Mother Died - See It Here... Now!

The Bloody Cuts anthology filmmakers are quickly becoming experts in misdirection, showing you one thing before blowing you out of the water with something else. It's a classic magician's trick, and they have created magic once again with their newest entry, Mother Died.

SXSW 2012: Up Next for Joss Whedon - Web Series Wastelanders

Web series have been really hit or miss, and everyone is waiting for that special one that rises above the pack and achieves acclaim and true success. Could Joss Whedon be just the man to put it together?