Warner Brothers

Re-Adaptation of Stephen King's It Finds a New Home at New Line

Previously planned to be a Warner Bros. production, we've just gotten word that the long-awaited re-adaptation of Stephen King's classic story It is headed to a new home, and we've got all the latest for ya today. So quit clownin' around and read on!

Robert Downey Jr. Cloaked by a Werewolf

In Hollywood Robert Downey Jr. can pretty much make any movie he wants to as his Iron Man muscles have more than beat down the box office. That's why it thrills us that he's decided to go with a werewolf tale! Read on!

Cary Fukunaga Still Working on New Adaptation of Stephen King's It

Back in 2012 a remake/re-adaptation of Stephen King's It was on the table with Cary Fukunaga attached to direct. Fukunaga has since gone on to impress with HBO's "True Detective," for which he directed every Season 1 episode. Is a date with Pennywise still in the filmmaker's future?

Exclusive Q&A: Reliance CEO Manish Agarwal Talks Pacific Rim - The Mobile Game

Pacific Rim - The Mobile Game is set to release shortly in conjunction with the film, and to give you gamers an idea of what the game is all about, we chatted with Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Entertainment - Digital.

Seth Grahame-Smith Feeds the Gremlins Reboot After Midnight

There's been talk of a remake of Gremlins for some time now, and it sounds like this project is now ten steps closer to happening. Read on for the latest on the remake, and pray this doesn't turn into a G-rated crapfest!

Warner Brothers Grows a True Skin

With technology growing by leaps and bounds, it's only going to be a matter of time before some scientist somewhere concocts some mad plan to take human beings and make them... "better." Who knows? Maybe it's time we had an overhaul.

WWE Champ The Rock Says Warner Brothers No Longer Loco for Lobo

Yeah, remember back in April of 2012 when we reported that current WWE champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was going to be the lead character in Warner Brothers' big screen adaptation of Lobo? No? Well that's okay. WB doesn't remember that either.

Go Behind the Scenes of Beautiful Creatures

Though we're a little late with our review (expect that soon via the Foywonder), we do have some behind-the-scenes clips on tap for Warner Brothers' latest flick Beautiful Creatures, which unfortunately got trounced at the box office this past Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day Experience the Forbidden Love of Beautiful Creatures

With Beautiful Creatures looking to cast a spell over your Valentine's Day weekend, we have a quick featurette on tap for you which explores some forbidden love. We love love. Especially the forbidden type.

Put Your Fate into the Hands of this Seventh TV Spot for Beautiful Creatures

Just a week remains until the Valentine's Day premiere of Beautiful Creatures from Warner Bros., and one more TV spot has landed online. Will you put your fate into its hands?

CONTEST CLOSED! A Beautiful Creatures Contest to Die For!

With Beautiful Creatures heading to theatres this Valentine's Day, we have a chance for you to win everything that you could possibly need to prepare for the occasion. This contest is massive with tons of prizes. Check it out!

I'm Sorry - Here's Clip 6 from Beautiful Creatures

Yep, here's another clip from the upcoming Beautiful Creatures, this one entitled "I'm Sorry." Hopefully you won't be sorry should you elect to take your sweetheart to see the film this Valentine's Day!

Get Ready to Experience The Falling of Zac Efron

Zac Efron. Never in our existence did we think we'd be doing a story about something involving him. But, hey, stranger things have happened, and now that the tweener heartthrob is all grown up, he's looking to expand his horizons.

Weather the Storm with this Sixth TV Spot for Beautiful Creatures

With its whirling wind, lightning, and thunder, this new TV spot for Beautiful Creatures crams as many dangerous weather conditions as it can into 30 seconds! Check it out, and let us know if you plan to see the film this coming Valentine's Day.