Voodoo Possession

Voodoo Possession (DVD)

Starring Ryan Caltagirone, David Thomas Jenkins, Kerry Knuppe, Danny Trejo... sort of Directed by Walter Boholst

Exclusive Clip From Voodoo Possession Is Off to Starbucks

Danny Trejo's latest horror flick, Voodoo Possession, is on its way; and we have an exclusive clip that features a couple of really disturbed dudes, one of whom is rockin' some serious hair. What does this have to do with Starbucks? Find out by watching!

Image Entertainment Brings a Voodoo Possession Home

Seriously speaking, we have no idea whether or not Danny Trejo actually stars in Voodoo Possession. History has taught us that just because he's on the box and top billed, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be in a flick for more than five minutes.