VOD News

An Image Gallery Filled With Your Besties!

Besties is coming to VOD January 21 from Phase 4 Films, and right now we have nearly a dozen new stills for you guys to befriend. You know you want to. Everyone needs somebody, right? Especially a psychopath.

Blair Erickson Opens Up the Banshee Chapter

For me personally, it just hasn’t been a great year for independent American horror. That’s why it’s refreshing to end 2013 on a fairly high note with a film like Banshee Chapter. Based on actual testimony and uncovered documents, the story is based on the MK-ULTRA experiments conducted in the Sixties on people like Ken Kesey.

Charles de Lauzirika Talks Crave and More

Charles de Lauzirika has probably been involved with some of your favorite behind-the-scenes footage and DVD extras on classic films like Blade Runner and the cult series “Twin Peaks”.

Grimmfest Favourite The Whisperer in Darkness Now Available in the UK

Our friends at Grimm Up North, in collaboration with The Horror Show, have announced the UK release of H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness, available now. Read on for the details of this Christmas treat!

Check Out the Opening Moments of The Last Days on Mars

Ruairi Robinson’s The Last Days on Mars (review here) is available now On Demand and in limited theatrical release, and on tap we have the first five minutes for you cats. Wanna see the rest? You know what to do!

An Exclusive Clip to Crave

Phase 4 Films' VOD release of director Charles de Lauzirika's festival favorite Crave is available right now, and to get you geared up for the small screen goodies, we have landed an exclusive clip for you cats to chew on. Check it out!

Contracted: Exclusive Interview with Director Eric England

In Contracted a 20-something girl gets what she thinks is an STD after a night of reckless partying… turns out, it’s far worse than anything she could ever have imagined. Writer-director Eric England puts a strange, sexual new twist on the zombie genre, and he’s here to explain how and why!

Contracted: Exclusive Interview with Star Najarra Townsend

On November 22nd Eric England's new film Contracted (review) arrived in limited theaters and VOD outlets (including iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Instant Video, GooglePlay, SundanceNow, and more) via IFC Midnight, and we got a chance to speak with the film's star, Najarra Townsend.

Slaughter Daughter Looking to Carve More Than Just Your Turkey

There's something about a movie entitled Slaughter Daughter that we just cannot seem to resist. I mean, yeah, it's ridiculously goofy; but damn it, around here we find stuff like this kind of endearing! Read on for details.

Make a Date in the Dead of the Nite

It was during AFM when we showed you the art for S.J. Evans’ horror film Dead of the Nite, featuring your first look at genre favorite Tony Todd, and now we have a higher res version and even a release date for you! Read on for details.

Antisocial Infects Streaming and Cable VOD Starting December 10

Antisocial (review here) made quite a splash on the film fest circuit, and now it's set for a nationwide VOD release beginning December 10th with a DVD to follow early next year. Here are more details and the official trailer.

Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes of the Banshee Chapter

Time for an exclusive little look inside the upcoming flick Banshee Chapter (review)! Look for the flick on VOD on December 12, 2013, and in theaters on January 10, 2014.

Creepy Thriller The Looking Glass Available Today on DVD and VOD

Info on a new surreal thriller that's hitting DVD and VOD today landed in our inbox so of course we're passing on the news. Along with the usual details and a few photos, we have a look at the film's artwork and trailer.

This Official Release Trailer Should Satisfy What You Crave

Once Phase 4 Films announced a December 6th VOD release for director Charles de Lauzirika's festival favorite Crave, we knew it wouldn't be long before a new trailer arrived, and that's exactly what we have for you this morning!

New Contracted Clip Spreads Like a Scorching Rash

A new clip from Eric England's Contracted has hit the interwebs, and it's gonna make you pause a second and really give some thought about how you spent your hump day. In fact it could impact your feelings on humping altogether.