Vincent Chong

Cemetery Dance Announces Two Signed Limited Editions of Brian Hodge's Dark Advent

If you're a book collector who's always on the lookout for special editions... even more so if they're signed by the authors, then read on for details of a new release coming from Cemetery Dance of Brian Hodge's Dark Advent, a post-apocalyptic novel due out later this year.

More Incredible Art from Cemetery Dance's Special Edition of Doctor Sleep

Cemetery Dance's special edition of Stephen King's The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep, sold out in record time. If you missed out, here's a look at a few color interiors from artist Vincent Chong that include an introduction to two main characters, Abra Stone and Rose Flanagan.

Joe Hill Teams with Longtime Collaborator Jason Ciaramella for New Comic Miniseries Thumbprint

More Joe Hill news has hit our inbox this week with word that he is re-teaming with his longtime collaborator Jason Ciaramella for a new comic miniseries entitled Thumbprint.