Afterfall: InSanity - Enhanced Edition Changes


Afterfall: InSanity - Enhanced Edition Changes
Afterfall: InSanity is a post-apocalyptic horror-genre game which sets the stage for players to experience the Afterfall Universe. It is 2032 – 20 years after the end of World War III. To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in bunkers, mines and huge cities below ground. As mysterious psychologist Adam, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives’ mental stability. Humankind may have survived certain death above ground, but their safe haven threatens to turn into a cursed prison. In this third person shooter, the player will fight mutants and hostile war victims in the dreary ruins of once beautiful cities and in the refuges below former European metropolises to discover a horrible truth. However, if he does not face his greatest weaknesses and deepest fears, the player will not survive the claustrophobic depths of the underground from which there is no escape and where the darkness hides more secrets than just the madness of its inhabitants.

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