Van Helsing

Horror Avengers Assemble for Van Helsing Reboot

Universal's last Van Helsing movie left us over-emoting in disgust like Dracula's brides. Still, the franchise is very much a no-brainer and as such they're taking another - ambitious - crack at it!

Snow White and the Huntsman Director Circling New Van Helsing

The last time Universal took a crack at making a Van Helsing flick, things went sour, then silly, then abysmal. Given that they've seen the error of their ways, they've actively been searching for a new director to point them in the right direction. That being said...

New Van Helsing Movie Taking Different Approach

There's no doubt about it: The last time Universal took a crack at making a Van Helsing flick, they completely dropped the ball. While the monsters were kind of cool, everything else... well... sucked. Good thing they're headed back to the drawing board.

Universal Ready to Reimagine! Tom Cruise to Produce and Star in Van Helsing; Kurtzman/Orci to Unwrap the New Mummy

In what is probably going to be the biggest news of the day, Universal is readying itself to reimagine some of its catalog titles with some huge names attached to do things the right way! Sorry, Stephen Sommers.

Horror DVD / Blu-ray Art Blow-Out - Phantasm II, Werewolf in London, and More!

We hope you're ready for the crypt-load of digital goodness that's coming your way this fall on DVD and Blu-ray. From re-releases you won't care about to some long awaited classics -- we've got all the artwork you could ever hope to see, hot and sticky! DVD Active has released the goods you see below! Dig it! Phantasm II

Ready for the Van Helsing Collector's Edition?

How many horror fans have stayed awake all night wondering when a Collector's Edition of Universal's Van Helsing would be available. Would they again get to see vampires fly around in daylight? Couches that can kill Kate Beckinsale? Beloved monsters getting the bastard treatment? Plenty of plot holes to trash even the most hardened drinking game veteran?