Vampyres of Hollywood

Adrienne Barbeau Reminds Us that Love Bites!

A lot of actors try their hand at other crafts - singing, painting, writing - but hands down one of the most successful has been Adrienne Barbeau, who, along with penning her autobiography, There Are Worse Things I Could Do (review here), also wrote one of the decade's best vampire novels, Vampyres of Hollywood (review here). Luckily for us, a sequel to Vampyres, entitled Love Bites, is hitting store shelves on August 31st!

Dreadtime Stories: Adrienne Barbeau's Vampyres of Hollywood Excerpt!

We've had a good list of authors for our Dreadtime Stories podcast series so far, but really I never expected we'd get one from the one and only Adrienne Barbeau! The former scream queen has turned into a full-fledged author with the publication of her first ficition novel, Vampyres of Hollywood (review), and she was kind enough to record a quick Dreadtime Story for us because, well, we're just that cool!

Adrienne Barbeau Finds the Vampyres of Hollywood

We got word today that a new book titled Vampyres of Hollywood is going to be hitting shelves on July 8th. While we don't normally report on books as news stories, this one is an exception since it was written the beautiful and talented Adrienne Barbeau along with fellow author Michael Scott.

Barbeau, Adrienne (Vampyres of Hollywood)

Adrienne Barbeau. What more could be said about one of horror's greatest stars? Over the years she's entertained us in just about every conceivable way. After cutting her teeth writing her memoirs,