Hammer & Spitfire Merge

This isn’t really huge news, but it is a further indication that the new Hammer Films will be around for a while longer than most may have expected.

51 Worst Horror Movie Cliches

If spending a lifetime watching horror films has taught us anything, it's the basic tools for survival that would apply to just about any kind of hellish situation. The only problem is the writers of our favorite flicks see fit to just have characters fall into the same kinds of pitfalls over and over. You know them well, but just in case Dread Central is proud(?) to present the ...

Seagal the Vampire Slayer

Steven Seagal has been kind of notorious for wanting to avoid appearing in any kind of sci-fi or horror-themed movies. It almost happened a few years back with the Anthony Hickox flick Submerged, but the whole "mutant" aspect got nixed in favor of generic terrorists shortly before shooting began. Not sure why he's so opposed to such a thing. His own daughter starred in three Gamera movies; what makes him think he's so above the fray?

Adrienne Barbeau Finds the Vampyres of Hollywood

We got word today that a new book titled Vampyres of Hollywood is going to be hitting shelves on July 8th. While we don't normally report on books as news stories, this one is an exception since it was written the beautiful and talented Adrienne Barbeau along with fellow author Michael Scott.

Composing for Whiteout, Freak & Mambo

A batch of horror movies we’ve not heard much about lately have recently acquired composers; instead of writing one story after another about them, I thought it’d make sense to give ‘em to you all at once. That's how much I care, you see.

Alone Helmer Back for Lesbian Vampires!

I really don’t know if I would be able to consider being stuck in a village full of women who've been enslaved by a vampire curse a bad thing. I mean, women tend to be more seductive when searching for blood, right? I think I could live with that...

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood! (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring C. Thomas Howell, Tyshawn Bryant, Rachel Montez Collins, Johanna Watts, Robert Wu, Gregory Allan Williams Directed by Thunder Levin

Organic Hobby's New Hellsing Collectibles

Kouta Hirano's Hellsing is a unique bit of horror manga. The story takes place in the same world as Bram Stoker's Dracula but throws in bits of H.P. Lovecraft and lots of other nasty things that make it a fast-paced, gun-blazing bloodbath.

Twilight Poster Makes Emos Cry

Man, I’m glad this came up during my shift cause I’ve been dying to talk about this movie for weeks. Now, if you click on the teaser image to your right for Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, you may understand why.

Uni Nabs Knights Templar

Imagine it; you're fresh back from fighting the Crusades, and all you want to do is chill at home and maybe hang with some ladies for a while. Then a damn vampire army has to show up and muck things up. See, this is why I hate bloodsuckers.

Twilight, Daylight, Vampires & a Trailer

On December 12th, Twilight may split vampire fans down the middle. I've heard conflicting opinions about the book the film is based on, but I was not expecting to see a bloodsucker flick where they're walking around in daylight!

Hammer Officially Remaking Let the Right One In

Proving that Beyond the Rave wasn’t just some one-off restart for Hammer Studios, the UK-based production house has officially announced acquisition of the remake rights for Let the Right One In, which just took top honors at the Tribeca Film Festival, according to this morning’s Variety.

Vampire Movie Wins Tribeca's Feature Award

Another Tribeca has come and gone, and with it another great selection of horror movies (hit the “Tribeca 2008” link to read about ‘em). I expected at least one or two would take home some awards, but to learn that a horror movie got Tribeca’s feature prize in the festival? That’s just awesome.

Robert Pattinson Talks Twilight

As we mentioned earlier today, G4 has another exclusive for the horror genre. This time it is a follow-up to their set visit of the upcoming vampire novel turned big screen feature Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Tribeca Horrors 2008: Let the Right One In

Just like our extensive and exhausting (on our side, at least) coverage from last year (read it all right here), we’re compiling as much info as we can for the horror offerings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, going