HBO Shortens True Blood Season 6; Alan Ball Talks Season 5 Finale, What Bill Is Now, and More

Alan Ball stepped down as "True Blood" showrunner at the end of Season 5, but he left a lot of questions, and fans don't want to wait months before finding out the answers. Luckily, he spilled a few beans recently, including the surprising news that there will only be 10 shows next season.

Watch a Bonus Scene from the True Blood Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself; Alan Ball Says Farewell

Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood" is now officially over, but that doesn't mean the good times are done quite yet. Check out this interactive bonus scene courtesy of HBO GO that shows more of what went on during the raid on the Authority.

An Extended Sneak Peek and a Few More Stills from True Blood Episode 5.12 - Save Yourself

HBO has released another, longer sneak peek of the Season 5 finale of "True Blood," entitled "Save Yourself," and we have it right here along with a couple of additional stills from the episode that sneaked by us yesterday (click here for the others).

Anchor Bay Finally Announces its Vamps Release Plans

It was several months ago when we first heard that Anchor Bay would be releasing Amy Heckerling's new horror comedy Vamps, but no details were announced. That's been fixed now as we have info on when and how you'll be able to see it.

A Sneak Peek Video and Several Stills from the True Blood Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself

For the first time in several years, we're actually sad to see a season of "True Blood" come to an end. Feel the same? Here are several stills and a sneak peek of the finale, "Save Yourself," to tide you over until Sunday.

Vampire Soldiers March to the Screen for Bloodstrike

Another comic book adaptation is on its way, and with it will come Vampire Soldiers and hopefully lots and lots of blood. Read on for all the details on the upcoming big screen version of the Image Comics property Bloodstrike!

Preview of the True Blood Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself

It's hard to believe Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood" is already coming to a close, but Sunday, August 26th, marks the finale, entitled "Save Yourself." Check out a preview of the ep, and look for clips later this week.

Syfy Ready to Suck the Blood Out of Labor Day with Vampire Marathon

Are you a vampire lover who's unhappy with what your beloved creatures have become thanks to modern cinema? Well, Syfy feels your pain and will be holding a Labor Day vampire movie marathon on Monday, September 3rd, featuring films that have put the bite back in the popular subgenre.

An Unexpected Guest Arrives in New Clips from True Blood Episode 5.10 - Gone, Gone, Gone

For some reason the clip HBO released earlier today from "True Blood" Episode 5.10, "Gone, Gone, Gone," has been removed; but they made up for it by providing two more sneak peeks. Check out "Unexpected Guest" and "We Meet Again", and be sure to tune in on Sunday, August 12.

Indulge in Some Bloody Romance in this Clip from True Blood Episode 5.10 - Gone, Gone, Gone

HBO is being a little stingy with "True Blood" fans this week, providing just one clip from the upcoming Episode 5.10, "Gone, Gone, Gone," but that's okay. We've learned to take what we can get!

Preview of True Blood Episode 5.10 - Gone, Gone, Gone

Last night's episode of "True Blood" tied up a lot of loose ends but left enough pending matters to hopefully make for a powerful season finale in just three more weeks. Check out a preview of the upcoming Ep. 5.10, "Gone, Gone, Gone," and the show's new end of season promo.

My Sucky Teen Romance Heads to the Big Screen

Emily Hagins. This young filmmaker is nothing short of an inspiration for budding filmmakers everywhere. Her latest flick, My Sucky Teen Romance, is heading to the big screen, and we couldn't be happier for her. Read on for details.

Vampire RPG Blood Knights Arriving This Summer

A new vampire-action-RPG entitled Blood Knights is expected to arrive this summer for PC and consoles. Players will be able to play as co-op vampires who will use their powers to gain treasure and awards from ripping their opponents apart!

NBC Jumping on the Vampire Bandwagon with New 10-Episode Dracula Series

NBC is looking like a horror fan's new best friend these days what with "Grimm", "Hannibal", and "Mockingbird Lane" all vying for our attention; but they're not resting on their laurels just yet. Word has come of a new 10-episode "Dracula" series in development at the network.

New Byzantium Images Get a Bit Bloody

A new batch of imagery from Neil Jordan's Byzantium is here, and finally we're getting a bit more than just people staring off into space. Well, okay, most of the stills again have people staring, but at least this time there's some blood involved. Oh, and a bug!