Valorie Curry

The Following Is Reborn in These Images from Special Preview Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

Can "The Following" rebound from its disappointingly mediocre first season? A time-jumping reset is coming our way, and here's a batch of new stills from the Season 2 special preview, Episode 2.01, "Resurrection," to give us an idea of what's ahead.

The Final Chapter Arrives for The Following's Scene of the Crime Video Promos

With Parts 5 and 6 arriving today (the latter entitled "The Final Chapter"), it looks like Fox's "Scene of the Crime" videos in support of "The Following" Season 2 have come to an end. Check out the whole series right here in case you missed any of it along the way.

Dread Central Shares Some Face Time with The Following's Joe Carroll

So here we are minding our own business when all of a sudden our bell rings, and what do we find on our doorstep? A Joe Carroll mask for "The Following" Season 2! In other news, nobody's been set on fire around here... yet.

Another 'Joe Lives' Teaser and Official Synopsis for The Following Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

Another quick teaser video has come in for Season 2 of "The Following" along with the official synopsis for the premiere episode, which is entitled "Resurrection." Check them both out here to get ready for the show's return next month.

Joe Carroll Lives in These Two New Promos for The Following Season 2

Looking forward to the return of "The Following" next month on Fox? We're still disappointed that it went so off the rails in Season 1 but will be tuning in for at least the first few episodes of Season 2. If you're with us, here are two new teaser promos.

Return to the Scene of the Crime with Two More New Videos for The Following

Last week we posted a pair of "Scene of the Crime" videos for Fox's "The Following," and now we're back with two more that deal with Joe Carroll's killer cult and a follower who has lost faith.

Return to the Scene of the Crime with These New Videos for The Following

It's time for a terrifying new chapter of "The Following" to begin, but first Fox is returning to the "Scene of the Crime" with a pair of new videos that descend into the darkness.

First Still from The Following Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

With "The Following" Season 2 set to premiere in just a little over six weeks, the first official still from Episode 2.01, "Resurrection," has arrived. Check it out to see the new look Valorie Curry (Emma) will be sporting when the show returns.

New Cast Photos and a Change in Premiere Dates for The Following Season 2

With the success of its two-night premiere "event" for "Almost Human," Fox is trying a similar approach for the return of "The Following" and has moved the Season 2 premiere back one night to Sunday, January 19th, with another episode airing in its regular time period on Monday, the 20th.

Unmask This New Promo for The Following Season 2

If you watched last night's episode of "American Horror Story: Coven" and didn't FF through all the commercials, you saw this latest promo for "The Following," which expands on the new photo of Emma we showed you this morning. If you missed it, you can check it out now right here.

The Following Gets a Facelift in This New Promo Photo for Season 2

For us, "The Following" started out great but lost steam quickly. So we're hoping Season 2's reboot can get it back on track. One step in the right direction is this new promo photo featuring Emma (Valorie Curry) and a creepy mask.

Three More Actresses Join The Following

At last month's San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that during Season 2 of "The Following" we'll be meeting Ryan Hardy's niece, and now we know who'll be playing her - along with two more new female cast members.

More Casting News for The Following as James McDaniel Joins the FBI

Most recently he's appeared in "Orange Is the New Black," but for most of us James McDaniel will always be thought of as Lt. Fancy from "NYPD Blue." Now he's about to join the FBI on "The Following."

Casting News for The Following Season 2 - Is Ryan Hardy Ready to Love Again?

She played a political power broker in "Boss," a detective in "Law & Order: SVU," and a Roman princess in Gladiator; and now Connie Nielsen is about to become a member of "The Following."

Dexter Star Sam Underwood Becomes Part of The Following

More casting news has come in regarding the second season of Fox's hit show "The Following" as the new kid on "Dexter"'s kill table, Sam Underwood, has signed up for active duty. Read on for details.