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Confirmed! First Look at The Thing Teaser One-Sheet and Trailer

Something kind of nifty just landed in our inbox! Are your ready for your very first look at the teaser artwork and the trailer for this October's prequel/sequel to The Thing. Read on, and tell us what you think!

Dream House Loses MPAA Appeal; Still Hopes R Will Become PG-13

And the MPAA comes out on top once again as Morgan Creek Productions' appeal of the ratings board's R rating for Dream House was denied by the MPAA Appeals Board, who decided that the movie merited the rating because of "some violence."

Dream House One-Sheet Looks to Touch Your Knob

Finally a pretty nifty one-sheet for Jim Sheridan's Dream House has made its way online, and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal along with a new summary! Dig it!

Universal Signs Three-Year First-Look Deal with Producer Jason Blum

Hoping to capitalize on the low-budget/high-gross success Jason Blum has had with such genre fare as Paranormal Activity and Insidious, Universal Pictures has signed the prolific producer to a three-year first-look deal. This amounts to an aggressive move into the low-budget arena for Universal, which is known for spending generously on its slates.

Dream House Unveils its Amenities

Well, that's a little misleading. There aren't any true amenities to be revealed here, but what we do have is the official synopsis for Universal's upcoming thriller, Dream House. Move on in for details.

New One-Sheet and Trailer: Cowboys & Aliens

Howdy, pardner! We've gone an' rustled up a new purdy one-sheet and a trailer for you tech savvy folk out there traversin' the great plains of what the tenderfoots call the innanet or web-somethin'-or-other for Cowboys & Aliens. *Spits in bucket*

New Cowboys & Aliens One-Sheet Offers Double Trouble

Every Lone Ranger needs a Tonto. Every Abbott needs a Costello. Every cowboy needs a "pardner" he can rely on to fill every damned extraterrestrial he sees with as much hot lead as possible so that the little buggers can't get close enough to administer the dreaded anal probe!

Second Cowboys & Aliens Trailer Brings the Action

Last night during Spike TV's "Guys Choice Awards" the second full-length trailer for Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens made its debut, and we've saddled up the horses and got it for you right here, pardner! Cowboys and Aliens opens on July 29th and stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach, Paul Dano and Noah Ringer.

An American Psycho Now at the Helm of Wicked Lovely?

It's been the better part of the year since last we reported on the live action adaptation of Melissa Marr's novel Wicked Lovely, the story of a teenage girl who has seen dangerous faeries her entire life, and since then there have been a couple of changes. Namely a change in directors.

New Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Rustles Up Some Invasion-Themed Fun

Ever since director Jon Favreau mentioned that his latest film Cowboys and Aliens had a "nightmarish quality" and was "verging on horror, like Alien or Aliens," we've been keeping at least half an eye on things for you guys. A new trailer has hit, and we have to admit ... this flick looks damned good.

Matt Reeves Bringing More to They Live-like 8 O'Clock in the Morning

So the question beckons ... if two different movies are based upon the same short story, does that make the latest telling of said story a remake or another beast entirely? Kind of makes your head hurt, no?

Answer the Door for New Image from Dream House

Yet another image from Jim Sheridan's upcoming thriller Dream House has slipped online, and of course we have it for ya right here complete with inquisitive stares!

Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens Verging on Horror?

We haven't been covering Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens around here because it looked to be more campy science fiction than anything else. Yet, a recent interview with the man himself has piqued our interest.

Take a Peek Inside Jim Sheridan's Dream House

It's been a long time coming, but finally the first image from Universal's long delayed Daniel Craig flick Dream House has slid its way online along with an official synopsis! Dig it!