DVD Releases: 5/11/2010: A Tidal Wave of Daybreakers Brings a Terror Overload

One of the best mixes of home video releases we've seen so far this year hits store shelves on May 11th. What with a vampire movie geared toward adults that has actual adults starring in it, an end-of-the-world saga that pits the Archangel Michael against his winged brethren, and a couple of nature-run-amok entries, we have a little something for everyone.

Underbelly Promotional Video Teases Terror

Here at Dread Central we try our best to pay as much attention to the indie horror filmmakers out there as we do to the big budget studio stuff. One flick we've been talking about for a really long time is Underbelly (review here), and we're really happy to say that the flick is getting a DVD release this Tuesday, May 11th.