Under the Dome

Get a Sneak Peek of the Start of an Outbreak in Under the Dome Episode 1.04

It's been three days since the dome descended on Chester's Mill in "Under the Dome," and people are getting agitated. Check out a sneak peek clip of tonight's Ep. 1.04, "Outbreak," in which Big Jim helps out sheriff-by-default Linda with some crowd control.

A Preview Breaks Out for Under the Dome Episode 1.04 - Outbreak

Wondering how the people of Chester's Mill will react when sickness threatens their community, which is trapped "Under the Dome"? Then check out this preview of next week's Episode 1.04, "Outbreak."

Image Gallery for Under the Dome Episode 1.04 - Outbreak

If you're both claustrophobic and a bit of a germaphobe, the last place you want to be is trapped "Under the Dome" during an "Outbreak," but that's exactly what happens to the folks in Chester's Mill in next week's Episode 1.04.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Day Four (July 21st) Light on Horror but Includes Supernatural, Under the Dome, The Skin Trade, and a Few Others

Two weeks from now SDCC 2013 will be winding down; are there enough horror offerings to entice attendees back to the show for Day 4 (July 21)? With "Supernatural" kicking things off bright and early, we say, "YES!"

Preview of and Clip from Under the Dome Episode 1.03 - Manhunt

We're only two episodes in, but "Under the Dome" has already gotten under our skin and we can't wait for Monday! If you're in the same boat, here are a preview and sneak peek of Episode 1.03, "Manhunt."

Image Gallery for Under the Dome Episode 1.03 - Manhunt

Things are moving along nicely in CBS' new summer series "Under the Dome," and we have a look at what's ahead in next week's Episode 1.03, "Manhunt," right here in the form of an image gallery.

Mare Winningham Ventures Under the Dome; Learn the Rules of Living in Chester's Mill

A new guest star has been announced for "Under the Dome," and along with that info we have a graphic that explains "The Rules" of what life is now like for the residents of Chester's Mill.

Exclusive: Jolene Purdy Gives Us a Peek Under the Dome

CBS seems to have a hit on its hands with the thriller "Under the Dome," and one of the stars of the show, Jolene Purdy, recently sat down with Dread Central to talk all about this exciting new series.

Barbie and Linda Rise to the Occasion in this Clip from Under the Dome Episode 1.02 - The Fire

Things heat up in Chester's Mill tomorrow night as the town is in danger of burning to the ground in Episode 1.02, "The Fire," but both Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Linda (Natalie Martinez) rise to the occasion and help the still freaked out residents who recently landed "Under the Dome."

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Two More Horror TV Panels Announced - Under the Dome and TV Guide Fan Favorites

Two more genre-themed panels have joined the already crowded TV lineup for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con with lots more still to come. Look for the TV Guide Fan Favorites on Friday, July 19th, and "Under the Dome" on Sunday, July 21st.

Stephen King Responds to Under the Dome Changes; Blu-ray Box Set Packaging Leaked

As is normally the case when a writer's book is adapted in any fashion, there are always changes to be made to the plot, the characters, etc. This usually infuriates some of these fans, and such is the case with CBS' "Under the Dome."

Under the Dome Video Blowout: Recap of the Pilot; Preview of Episode 1.02 - The Fire; Full Premiere Q&A Panel

Last night's airing of "Under the Dome" gave CBS the most-watched summer premiere of any network since 2007, and we have more info on that along with a ton of videos to share so get comfortable!

Image Gallery for Under the Dome Episode 1.02 - The Fire; Video from the Wilmington Premiere

So, did you watch the pilot episode of "Under the Dome" tonight? Ready for more next week in Episode 1.02, "The Fire"? If so, check out our image gallery along with some footage from the show's Wilmington, NC, premiere.

Meet the Cast and Hear from Stephen King in this Pair of Under the Dome Videos

"Under the Dome" kicks off on Monday, and to help get you ready, we have two new videos, one in which Stephen King introduces the characters and cast, and another that shows King live chatting about "Dome," his career, and the book he's working on now called Revival.

Two More Sneak Peeks of Under the Dome

Two new clips from CBS' upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" popped up on the Net today, and while one is a bit talky, the other delivers the gory goods horror fans are hoping for. Check 'em both out right here!