Under the Dome

Another Casting Update Slides in Under the Dome

Another new cast member has been announced for Season 2 of "Under the Dome," and while details are scarce, we thought fans of the show would be interested in keeping up with the latest so read on to see who it is!

A Pair of New Season 2 Teasers Are Trapped Under the Dome

A couple of new teasers popped up on YouTube for Season 2 of CBS's popular summer series "Under the Dome," and if you don't mind a few French subtitles, feel free to check them out right here! "Under the Dome" returns on Monday, June 30th.

Country Singer Dwight Yoakam Ventures Under the Dome in Season 2

Dwight Yoakam is certainly best known as a country singer, but he has several acting credits under his belt (Crank: High Voltage, Panic Room, Sling Blade, and "Wilfred" to name a few) and is about to add another.

See the First Preview of Under the Dome Season 2

Production is currently under way on Season 2 of CBS's "Under the Dome," and today the first preview has arrived, which teases new mysteries and characters on the show.

Production Begins on Under the Dome Season 2; See Stephen King Tweeting from the Set

A pretty hilarious video has come in to celebrate the kick-off of production on Season 2 of CBS's "Under the Dome" featuring author Stephen King and two of the show's stars, Mike Vogel (Barbie) and Colin Ford (Joe).

ER's Sherry Stringfield Is the Next Star to Head Under the Dome

More casting news has arrived for Season 2 of "Under the Dome" on CBS, and based on a previous semi-spoiler for the show, the character in question is sure to shake things up quite a bit!

Grace Victoria Cox Finds Her First TV Role Under the Dome

For a show that's set under a dome with no way in or out, Season 2 of "Under the Dome" sure is adding a lot of new characters! In any event, here's word on another...

Casting News for Under the Dome Season 2

Earlier this year we got some scoop on what's coming up when "Under the Dome" Season 2 kicks off this summer, and now we have casting news for two new characters who will be joining the fray. Both Eddie Cahill and Karla Crome are now on board; read on for the details.

Under the Dome: Season 2 and Extant Get Premiere Dates

CBS is gonna be the channel to watch this summer, as not only does "Under the Dome" return for a second season, but a new thriller called "Extant" also premieres. When can you expect them to pop up on your television set? We've got all the info for ya today!

Three New Characters to Be Found Under the Dome in Season 2

Last November "Under the Dome" executive producer Neal Baer mentioned we'd be meeting some new characters when the popular CBS series resumes in the summer months, and now we have some details on three of them.

A Few Teases of What's Ahead in Under the Dome Season 2

To be honest, we've kind of forgotten about "Under the Dome," but it's returning in the summer of 2014 with 13 new episodes, and we have a few hints of what's to come.

Raise the Curtains of this Image Gallery for the Under the Dome Season 1 Finale

Ready for a few more clues of what's in store for the residents of Chester's Mill in the Season 1 finale of "Under the Dome," entitled "Curtains"? Then check out this image gallery we got our hands on, and look for a clip soon!

The End Is Near in this Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.13 - Curtains

In the Season 1 cliffhanger finale of "Under the Dome," entitled "Curtains," CBS promises the secrets of the dome, including the monarch's identity, will be revealed while Barbie's life hangs in the balance. Can't wait for next week? Then check out a preview of Episode 1.13 right here!

Kick Off the Weekend with a Clip from Under the Dome Episode 1.12 - Exigent Circumstances

The work week is finally over, and to help us celebrate, CBS has released a clip from Monday night's Episode 1.12 of "Under the Dome," entitled "Exigent Circumstances." Just two episodes are left - will we finally get some answers?

You Don't Need a Warrant to Enter this Image Gallery for Under the Dome Episode 1.12 - Exigent Circumstances

When we posted the preview of "Under the Dome" Episode 1.12, "Exigent Circumstances," a few days ago, CBS hadn't released any stills from it yet, but as of today that's been rectified. Check out our image gallery for the ep right here!