Alien Documentary Mirage Men Now Available for Digital Download

Whether or not you choose to believe in extraterrestrial beings, there's no denying that the topic of discussion is an utterly fascinating one that manages to capture the imagination like no other.

Are We Alone? Week Begins March 2nd on Science Channel

Is there extraterrestrial life out there? It'd be egotistical to think we're the only living things in the universe, wouldn't it? Next week Science Channel dives headlong into this subject, bringing us "Are We Alone? Week" and unveiling its new show "Close Encounters."

Crop Circles Appear in California

While we don't really put too much stock into the theory that crop circles indicate the existence of alien life, we have to admit they sure are fun to speculate about. Take this recent intricate formation.

UFO Fires Laser at Parked Car

Here at Dread Central we're as skeptical as can be, but every now and again we see something that just flat-out stumps us. Case in point: this video footage of a UFO over Michigan on October 27, 2013.

Chilling Footage Captures Aliens Hovering Over Turkish Town!

In June 2007 in Kumburgaz, Turkey, Yalcin Yalman, a night guard, saw and recorded a strange object hovering over the Sea of Marmara. The same UFO was seen and recorded by various other Turkish citizens in 2008 and 2009, always appearing around the same time of year.

The Seen and The Unseen: China Has the Body of an Alien on Ice

First our currency and now our conspiracy theories? Come on, Chinese, leave us something in the world already! Americans are a proud group of people. We invented Freedom (Dread Central does not condone this historical research), the Hot Dog and the Jersey Shore.

The Seen and The Unseen - Aliens Take Drunken UFO Joyride! Fly into Mexican Volcano!

One of the questions The Seen and The Unseen has thought about on a regular basis is simply this: If ET's are from such an advanced civilization, why the heck can’t they drive?

The Seen and The Unseen: Canadian UFO Sightings Skyrocket; E.T. Obviously a Hockey Fan

Life on other planets? It’s a possibility that continues to fascinate us as other planets are found in our universe. All of these discoveries, UFO sightings and possible alien contactees make us ask questions about the mysteries of life.

Sirius 6-inch Alien Mummy Debunked as Human

Well, it sounds like we're going to have to wait a little longer to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life as the much talked about six-inch alien humanoid skeleton has been debunked as being human. Or... is the government lying to us again?

Scientist Sirius About Discovering the Body of a 6-Inch Alien

At this point would it really shock anyone to find out that we're not alone in the universe? Some believe that aliens and UFOs have been visiting our planet since the dawn of time. One scientist in particular claims to have proof in his discovery of a tiny 6" alien corpse.

Thunderstruck Bringing UFOs to AMC

It appears to lean more toward the sci-fi side of the fence than pure horror, but considering its pedigree, which includes the team who wrote and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention AMC's acquisition of "Thunderstruck", a new series about powerful and enigmatic alien entities that begin appearing all over the world.

A Third Battle of Los Angeles Movie Emerges

Over a million people allegedly witnessed a UFO in the skies over Los Angeles in 1942. This incident is referenced in both Battle: Los Angeles and the Asylum mockbuster Battle of Los Angeles. Now a third such film has emerged, THE Battle of Los Angeles, and this one purports to tell the true story of the 1942 incident.

Joe Rogan Speaks with Dread Central - Part Two

In our last interview installment, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan talked about being a fan of horror books and movies, psychedelic drugs, growing up wanting to be an artist, and how dangerous both chimps and polar bears can be. In this, our second part of three, Dread Central delves deeper into the mind and philosophy of Mr. Rogan.