Tyrese Gibson

More Angelic Mayhem in New Legion Clip

Another new clip from Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion showed up today featuring Tyrese Gibson trying to play hero in the face of some truly loony odds.

Arias on Apocalypse Movie Legion

One can’t help but wonder about the myriad of problems Screen Gems has with the upcoming Dennis Quaid apocalypse movie Legion. The other day it was announced the film wouldn’t see the light of projectors until January 22nd, 2010, even though it's been done for months. Co-star Yancey Arias doesn’t feel there’s anything wrong with it at all, however.

Condition Dead Moves on Without Tyrese!

In some heartbreaking news Tyrese Gibson is no longer associated with the upcoming zombie opus Condition Dead. But fear not, weeping readers, the production is moving ahead without him!

Cast Set for Apocalyptic Legion

Who do you think could stop an apocalypse that was set to take place because God lost faith in his creation (humans, not kangaroos)? I mean, really, if God wants to wipe us out, I doubt there’d be much that could talk him out of it. But that’s why we have fictional stories about the end of days; to prove my ass wrong!

Bettany Joins the Legion

The trades are reporting this morning that Paul (The Da Vinci Code) Bettany has signed on to star in the Screen Gems thriller Legion, the feature directing debut of visual effects house Orphanage co-founder Scott Stewart, who also penned the script with Peter Schink.

Lussier to Helm Condition Dead

Talk about a freaking wake-up call, wow! Some history, if you will...