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#SDCC14: Teen Wolf Returning for a Two-Part, 20-Episode Season 5, See the Mid-Season Trailer

MTV announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that "Teen Wolf" has been greenlit for a two-part, 20-episode fifth season. Additionally, the room was given a first-look at the mid-season trailer, and we have it for you.

#SDCC14: Teen Wolf Returning to the SDCC and Bringing Its Own Booth!

Things are heating up here in Southern California as preparations are under way for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the first TV shows to announce its presence at this year's event is MTV's "Teen Wolf."

Get a Sneak Peek of Teen Wolf Season 4 From This New Supertease Trailer

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 got off to a bit of a rough start last night, but after watching this new "supertease" trailer released by MTV, our hopes for future episodes have risen. Check it out along with a quick promo for next week's Episode 4.02, "117."

See the New Main Title Sequence for Teen Wolf Season 4

What with a couple of main characters dying or leaving town and others being promoted to series regulars, it was a no-brainer for "Teen Wolf" to receive new main titles for its fourth season. Curious? Then read on because we have them for you right here!

Get a Taste of What's New in Teen Wolf Season 4

If you're a "Teen Wolf" fan, you've no doubt been enjoying the various Season 4 teasers and promos released thus far by MTV, and now we have a new video to share that provides a look at what's new in the upcoming episodes. Check it out!

Latest Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo Focuses on The Benefactor

Another new promo arrived today for Season 4 of MTV's "Teen Wolf," and this time it focuses on the mysterious new character of The Benefactor. The new season kicks off Monday, June 23rd, at 10PM.

Keep Moving Forward for Another Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo

Just two weeks remain until the Season 4 premiere of "Teen Wolf," and knowing how rabid the show's fans are, MTV has released yet another promo to whet our appetites. Just keep moving forward, don't look back, and everything will be fine!

You Can't Go Back Once You Watch this Teen Wolf Season 4 Extended Trailer

All the familiar "Teen Wolf" tropes - Scott being emo, Lydia being prophetic, Peter being a dick, homo-eroticism, and the worst parenting on the planet - are accounted for in this extended trailer for Season 4... along with a look at the show's new Big Bad!

New Teen Wolf Season 4 Trailer Rises from the Ashes

Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" ended just a short while ago, but MTV already has Season 4 ready to kick off in a few weeks... June 23rd to be exact. So of course a new trailer has risen from the ashes, and you can check it out right here!

Fight Like an Alpha with this New Clip from the Teen Wolf Season Finale Episode 3.24 - The Divine Move

It's Stiles and his henchmen vs. Derek and the twins in this latest clip from tomorrow night's season finale of "Teen Wolf," Ep. 3.24, entitled "The Divine Move." Who will come out on top? Are more beloved characters about to meet the same fate as last week's victim? Tune in and find out!

Get a Sneak Peek of the Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale Episode 3.24 - The Divine Move

We're still reeling from the events of last night's episode of "Teen Wolf," but there's no time to dwell on what happened because the season finale, Episode 3.24, "The Divine Move," is bearing down on us. Check out a few promos and a sneak peek... if you dare!

Teen Wolf Videos: Previews of Episode 3.14 - More Bad Than Good and a Sneak Peek of the Season Ahead

"Teen Wolf" Season 3B kicked off last night with an episode that was better than anything we saw in 3A; can they keep up the momentum? Here are a few previews of the upcoming Episode 3.14, "More Bad Than Good," along with a "Super Tease" of what's ahead during the remainder of the season.

Preview of Teen Wolf's Summer Finale Ep. 3.12 - Lunar Eclipse; Casting News for the Show's January Return

Tonight is the "Lunar Eclipse" on "Teen Wolf", and having already seen the "Summer Finale" episode, we can say that it's just as uneven as the rest of Season 3 so far but still a lot of fun.

Synopses for the Next Three Teen Wolf Episodes Before the Midseason Finale; Preview of The Overlooked

On August 19th MTV will air the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 mid-season finale, and we have the synopsis for that episode along with the two that will precede it. And that's not all... check out the extended preview of next week's Episode 3.10, "The Overlooked."

#SDCC 2013: Everything We Learned About Teen Wolf's Season 3

During the press roundtable interviews at SDCC for MTV's "Teen Wolf", we were able to chat with most of the cast but, as usual, learned the most about the show from executive producer Jeff Davis.