Two Eyes Staring

Scott Derrickson Sees Two Eyes Staring

Even though his latest film for Summit Entertainment, Sinister, is still forthcoming, that isn't stopping The Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson from lining up his next project, a remake of the foreign horror flick from the Netherlands Two Eyes Staring (aka Zwart Water).

Two Eyes Staring (2011)

Starring Hadewych Minis, Barry Atsma, Isabelle, Stokkel, Charlotte Arnoldy Written by Elbert Van Strien, Paulo van Vliet

Fantastic Fest 2011: New Stills - Two Eyes Staring

Making its U.S. premiere at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, is the foreign horror flick from the Netherlands, Two Eyes Staring (aka Zwart Water), and we've got for you some fresh imagery and the trailer. Dig it!

Charlize Theron Nabs Remake Rights for Two Eyes Staring

Though no US distro has been secured yet for the original film from the Netherlands, Elbert van Strien's Two Eyes Staring (or Zwart Water for you purists out there), that hasn't stopped a Hollywood heavyweight from nailing down the rights to the remake!

First Trailer, Images, and Artwork: Two Eyes Staring

Another horror import has raised its hopefully frightening head today, this time coming all the way from the Netherlands. Get ready for the new thriller Two Eyes Staring, or Zwart Water for you purists out there who don't mind being worldly!