True Blood

Badass True Blood NZ Ad Campaign

Ever notice that foreign territories get all the really cool ad campaigns? I can tell you one thing; you would NEVER see the following campaign here in the States.

Valerie Cruz Joins True Blood Cast

Alan Ball's vampire series "True Blood" is about to get itself some spicy Latin flavor!

Preston Jones Joins True Blood

Not a helluva lot of news, really, but anything about the next season of “True Blood” is going to be interesting to me and other fans of the show, so why not feed out the tidbits? Variety has learned that Road Trip II: Beer Pong thespian Preston Jones has landed a recurring role on the second season of the Alan Ball series, though who he’ll be playing is unknown.

True Blood Season One Announced, Friday Season 2 Art

There’s no official art or specs for it yet, but you can already pre-order yourself a copy of “True Blood: The Complete First Season” on DVD. Remember the old days when we had to wait years for a series to show up on VHS? No, you probably don’t ... I’m dating myself a bit.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #84

Issue #84 November 2008

Alan Ball Talks Possible Horror Comedy

While Alan Ball is hard at work on season two of “True Blood”, that doesn't mean he’s stopped thinking about other projects he’ll want to tackle in the near future. He recently chatted with MTV’s Movie Blog about two scripts that he hopes will see him return to the big screen in a unique way.

Season Two of True Blood Confirmed

Not even three episodes in, and HBO is apparently already very happy with the latest creation from “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball, “True Blood”, as they just sent out a press release announcing that the show’s been signed on for a second season!

True Blood: Strange Love (TV)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell Written and directed by Alan Ball (series creator) Original Air Date September 7, 2008

New True Blood News Footage!

Those of you out there who just can’t stand the wait for Alan Ball’s “True Blood”, the vampire show coming to HBO this fall, you’re going to love this; Daily Motion just got a very cool exclusive from the show, a news report that details just how vampires went from being creatures in the shadows to functioning, accepted members of society.

True Blood - Now Available in Comic Book Form!

Top Cow, the publisher responsible for bringing us some of the more kickass titles in the comic book world such as Witchblade and Darkness, is now tackling HBO's vampire series True Blood.

Sexy True Blood Poster

Yes, there's more to this poster for the upcoming vampire series “True Blood”, but what more do you really need to see? Sexy lips, sexy tongue, just the right amount of plasma ... yep, that’s good enough for me.

This Blood's for You!

Let's say vampires were an integrated part of society; it'd be socially unacceptable for them to just go around sucking regular folks dry. The good thing about the Japanese is that they'd quickly find a way to not only make a buck off the potential plight but also provide a cool and refreshing way for the suckheads to quench their thirst.

We've Got True Blood & Pics!

We've been all over HBO's "True Blood" - the new vampire series from "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball - ever since it was first announced.

Black Envelope Update! Mystery Solved!

NEW UPDATE: The good folks over at Screen Rant have gotten word from Devin at CHUD that all this craziness is surrounding HBO's new vampire series, "True Blood". Yay I can finally sleep at night!

Who Got the Black Envelope?

Over the years we've seen some bizarre viral marketing, but this new campaign may be the most intriguing yet. Yesterday I checked my mailbox to find a strange black envelope with no return address. It looked like an invitation and had a red seal with the letters "TB" on the back. Inside was the letter you see to your right (click to see it bigger)...