True Blood

True Blood: Preview of Episode 6.09 - Life Matters; a Look Inside Episode 6.08 - Dead Meat

Just two episodes are left in this lean and mean sixth season of "True Blood," and here's a preview of Episode 6.09, "Life Matters," along with a look inside tonight's Episode 6.08, "Dead Meat."

Take a Bite of These Two Clips from True Blood Episode 6.08 - Dead Meat

Looking for a way to kick off your weekend? Then chow down on this pair of clips from "True Blood" Episode 6.08, "Dead Meat." They're both pretty tasty!

True Blood: Preview of Episode 6.08 - Dead Meat; a Look Inside Episode 6.07 - In the Evening

With "True Blood" thinning the herd of extraneous characters this season, we expect even more "Dead Meat" in next week's episode. Good riddance we say! Here's a preview of the upcoming Ep. 6.08 along with a look inside tonight's Ep. 6.07, "In the Evening."

Parafest 2013 Set to Haunt Pennsylvania in September

Zombies, vampires, ghosts, and more will be haunting Pennsylvania this September with Parafest 2013, a unique event that combines celebrities and paranormal programming in the area’s first large-scale event of its kind.

Drink in These Three Sneak Peek Clips from True Blood Episode 6.07 - In the Evening

Are we the only ones who tune out when Alcide shows up on "True Blood"? He appears in one of these three clips from Episode 6.07, "In the Evening," but don't that let dissuade you from watching. There's some good stuff here!

#SDCC 2013: Check Out the True Blood Panel

Even though the San Diego Comic-Con itself is over, you can expect the headlines from it to keep coming well into the week. That's just the kind of beast that show is. On tap for you guys right now is the "True Blood" panel. Spend some time with your favorite fangbangers!

Preview of True Blood Episode 6.07 - In the Evening; Take a Peek Inside Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires

Another companion book for "True Blood," Steve Newlin’s Field Guide to Vampires, is coming this fall, and we have a sneak peek of it along with a preview of next week's Episode 6.07, "In the Evening."

#SDCC 2013: A Look at the Weeks Ahead on True Blood and a Clip from Tonight's Ep. 6.06: Don't You Feel Me?

SDCC 2013 is winding down, which means we have a little time to catch up on a few things we missed over the last few days, including the new footage from "True Blood" that was shown during the show's panel. Check it out along with a clip from tonight's Episode 6.06, "Don't You Feel Me"?

2013 Primetime Emmys: Bates Motel and American Horror Story: Asylum Lead the Horror Nominations

While the horror recognition is typically light, we can be proud that "American Horror Story: Asylum" leads the 2013 Primetime Emmy nominees overall with a whopping 17 nominations! Read on for all the genre picks.

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Vamp Camp in this New True Blood Featurette

Wonder what really goes on at Vamp Camp in HBO's "True Blood" and how the set came together? Then check out this featurette that takes us behind the scenes of the torture trap with cast and crew.

HBO Renews True Blood for a Seventh Season

Some news that should surprise no one has just come in regarding HBO's "True Blood": The network has renewed the popular series for a seventh season. Read on for the details.

True Blood: Preview of Episode 6.06 - Don’t You Feel Me?; A Look Inside Episode 6.05 - Fuck the Pain Away

Did last night's "True Blood" help you get rid of some pain? Next week's episode wants to make sure you feel it! Get a look inside Ep. 6.05, "Fuck the Pain Away," along with a preview of Ep. 6.06, "Don't You Feel Me?"

Forget Aspirin - Fuck the Pain Away by Watching These Clips from True Blood Episode 6.05

We're not sure how "True Blood" was approved to use the word "fuck" in the title of one of its episodes, but we like it! Check out a pair of clips from Episode 6.05, "Fuck the Pain Away."

True Blood: Preview of Episode 6.05 - Fuck the Pain Away; A Look Inside Episode 6.04 - At Last

"True Blood" managed to surprise us this week - not so much with its Warlow reveal, but the Jessica thing? Holy crap! Here's a look inside Episode 6.04, "At Last," along with a preview of Episode 6.05, "Fuck the Pain Away." Oh, it's hurts so good!

A Trio of Clips from True Blood Episode 6.04 Arrive At Last

"True Blood" provides us with a new version of homo-erotic shaving in one of these three clips from tomorrow night's Episode 6.04, "At Last." In the others Andy's daughters begin growing out as well as up and the games continue between Eric and Willa Burrell. Whew! I need a cold shower.