DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: November 9th - Antichrist Black Ops Hunting To Kill

Wow! This is one of the lightest weeks in recent memory for horror title releases on DVD and Blu-ray. But that's fine because after the rush in October, we are still trying to catch up on watching all of those flicks.

Tremors: The Series DVD Art Rumbles Your Home Video Collection

The Tremors series of films, no matter how weird or bad they got, always managed to keep us entertained here around the Dread Central offices and now Universal is upping the wormy ante a bit by releasing the short-lived "Tremors: The Series" on to DVD.

Universal to Unearth Tremors?

Man, Universal just doesn’t know when to let a monster die. They milked the Tremors franchise for four movies and a TV show, and now there’s talk that they’re planning yet another film.

Tremors Team Back for Night Crew

Word came down today via the official Stampede Entertainment site that the Tremors team are getting the band back together for another (potentially) fun monster movie called Night Crew.