NOT SAFE FOR WORK: 13 Gruesome Decapitations

13 Gruesome DecapitationsTypically I’d line an article of this nature up with a nifty little introduction. This time around, I’m just going to hit you with something of a disclaimer: Compiling this list was extremely challenging. There are countless scenes depicting heads being severed from bodies, in countless different pictures.

And quite a few of them could easily be considered strong enough to make this list. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. You’re likely to agree with some of these choices (there’re a few safe calls, I admit), and you’re probably just as likely to disagree with a few.

If you’re feeling as though I missed a masterpiece, drop a line. Who doesn’t love watching cranial destruction?

13 Gruesome Decapitations
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan: Let’s first acknowledge the fact that there are a number of severed heads that have flown about in the presence of a Voorhees. Pamela’s own noggin went flying in the first rendering of this never ending story, and some wild hillbilly lunatic’s was sent sailing through the evening sky after Hockey Face got tired of his high-pitched dirt bike and feminine screams for his mommy in the fifth outing. And without really breaking it all down, I’m certain a few others lost their tops after inadvertently stumbling upon the murderous Voorhees familia. But none scream such volumes of awesomeness as that of Julius Gaw, who actually got his melon obliterated during a session of fisticuffs with the iconic slasher. That’s right, an actual fist fight… which Julius was winning prior to the come-from-behind haymaker Jason landed. Ironic that the only character in the entire film that seemed to have a hint of a personality drifting about in his head eventually had it punched right off his shoulders without the slightest regard.

13 Gruesome Decapitations

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