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Take The Midnight Ride with this Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.07

"Sleepy Hollow" has returned with a vengeance, and also back next week is guest star John Cho. Check out a preview of Episode 1.07, "The Midnight Ride," but buckle up - it's bumpy!

John Noble Confirmed for Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow; Three Sneak Peeks of Tonight's Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Along with uncovering a trio of clips from "The Sin Eater," Episode 1.06 of "Sleepy Hollow," we learned that guest star John Noble, whom we'll see for the first time tonight, will be back!

Get a Taste of the First Eight Minutes of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Revisionist history is all the rage, and few do it better than Fox's "Sleepy Hollow." Can't wait to see what event the show puts its unique spin on next? Then check out the first eight minutes of Episode 1.06, "The Sin Eater."

Catch Up with Sleepy Hollow: Watch Five Episodes in Five Minutes!

We cannot wait for "Sleepy Hollow" to return to Fox next Monday, but if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet (or are a little rusty on what's happened so far), this story is for you!

Get a Sneak Peek of Headless' Return in Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.06 - The Sin Eater

Thanks to the World Series, we have another week to wait for the return of "Sleepy Hollow" on Fox, but to help fill the void, here's a sneak peek of Episode 1.06, "The Sin Eater," along with a half dozen new stills.

Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.06 - Join, or Die

New installments of "Sleepy Hollow" return on November 4th with Episode 1.06, "Join, or Die," featuring guest stars John Noble and James Frain. We don't have the official synopsis yet, but we do have a preview!

Is It a Plague or a Curse in this Clip from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.05 - John Doe?

The CDC is called in to deal with a mysterious illness affecting "Sleepy Hollow" in Episode 1.05, "John Doe." Check out a clip of what happens after an unidentified boy turns up, plagued by a mysterious disease... or is it a curse?

Image Gallery and Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.05 - John Doe

As if things aren't out of hand enough in "Sleepy Hollow" what with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse bearing down on the town, next week the lines between the living and the dead will be blurred. Here are a preview and close to a dozen stills from Episode 1.05, "John Doe."

New Sleepy Hollow Featurettes Uncover American History and Describe Ichabod's True Love

Fox has released a pair of new featurettes for "Sleepy Hollow" entitled "American History Uncovered: The Destruction of the Tea" and "Katrina Crane: Ichabod's True Love." Check 'em out, and get ready for Monday night's episode.

Sleepy Hollow Renewed for a Second Season; See Ichabod and Abbie's Relationship Evolve

In what this writer is calling the best news of the week, Fox has ordered a 13-episode second season of “Sleepy Hollow,” making the fantasy thriller the first fall debut to be renewed thus far.

Image Gallery and Preview of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.04 - The Lesser Key of Solomon

Tom Mison's Ichabod Crane is emerging as one of this season's new fan favorites - and rightly so thanks to "Sleepy Hollow" (so far at least) keeping up the pace and darkly humorous tone it established in the pilot. Here's a look ahead to next week's Episode 1.04, "The Lesser Key of Solomon."

More Sneak Peeks of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.03 - For the Triumph of Evil; Visit with Demons of the Past

Yesterday we were griping about Fox providing only one clip from "Sleepy Hollow" Episode 1.03, "For the Triumph of Evil," but with a new day come two more plus a "Demons of the Past" video featuring Abbie and Sheriff Corbin.

Go Behind the Scenes of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.02 - Blood Moon

Fox has been rather stingy about releasing clips from the upcoming episode of "Sleepy Hollow," but to make up for it we have a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects and stunts that brought the witches to life in Episode 1.02, "Blood Moon."

Image Gallery, Preview, and Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.03 - For the Triumph of Evil

"Sleepy Hollow" continued its fun revisionist take on American history last night, and we are on board for the duration! If you are, too, here's a big batch of goodies for Episode 1.03, "For the Triumph of Evil."

Another Pair of Clips and a New Promo for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.02 - Blood Moon

Ready for a few more clips from tonight's Episode 1.02 of "Sleepy Hollow," entitled "Blood Moon"? We have them here along with a new promo in which we meet a few of the Headless Horseman's friends.