Tom Gianas

Susan Sarandon Speaks with Angels in Hell & Back

It's been a while since last we heard anything regarding the stop-motion animated horror comedy Hell & Back, but whattaya know! Some new casting news has hit the interwebs, and yes, you can dig it right here!

Bob Odenkirk Brings Evil to Hell & Back

The animated horror comedy Hell & Back just got a lot funnier thanks to a new cast member who'll be lending his talents to the whole devilish affair. Read on for the latest.

Mila Kunis Readies Herself for a Trip to Hell & Back

You can now add another name to the ever growing cast list for the upcoming animated horror comedy Hell & Back. The old inferno is about to get a lot hotter. Read on for details.

New Animated Horror Comedy to Take Us to Hell & Back

Weird things can happen purely by accident. You know what we're talking about... pick up a book, read aloud, and boom! plague of locusts. Yeah, that can suck, but you know what sucks more? Accidentally getting dragged to hell.