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Greatest. Red Band Clip. Ever. Drive Angry 3D

Words escape me. I'll try and make a sentence. Sex. Violence. Nicolas Cage. Death. Breasts. Guns. Ass. Oh, just watch, and make sure you check out Drive Angry 3D when it crashes into theatres via Summit Entertainment on February 25th, 2011.

Drive Angry Television Spot Debut - Nicolas Cage is Coming in 3D

We're getting closer, kids! The first TV spot for Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry 3D is here, and we cannot wait for the 3D carnage to begin! Dig it! Look for the movie in theatres via Summit Entertainment on February 25th, 2011.

UK Quad One-Sheet and Trailer Debut - Drive Angry

Our friends across the pond just scored their own one-sheet and trailer for Patrick Lussier's 3D Nicolas Cage revenge vehicle, Drive Angry, and we have the goods for you right here so you can compare! Look for the movie in cinemas via Lionsgate UK on February 25th, 2011.

Nicolas Cage Couldn't Be More Pissed in Latest Drive Angry Still

Oh, the fury of a crazed Nicolas Cage. Just that look in his eyes (his eyes, the bees are in his eyes) is enough to send shivers down the spines of anyone on the receiving end of his rage. Don't believe us? Dig on this latest still from Drive Angry! Look for the movie in theatres via Summit Entertainment on February 25th, 2011.

Drive Angry Gets a RRRrrrating!

One flick we're really looking forward to in 2011 is Patrick Lussier's high octane thriller, Drive Angry 3D. Hot chicks. Destruction. Car chases. Tom Atkins. Violence. Nicolas Cage's hair. How could you possibly go wrong?

One-Sheet Debut: Drive Angry 3D

Just days after debuting the trailer we now have the official one-sheet for Patrick Lussier's high octane thriller, Drive Angry 3D for our fellow road rage lovin' maniacs to dig on!

Trailer Debut - Drive Angry 3D

Finally the trailer has come for the high-octane 3D thriller Drive Angry 3D, and as expected it's looking pretty damned good. Dig it!

Stills and Concept Art - Drive Angry

Time for yet more stills and even some concept art for the latest Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier collaboration, Drive Angry! Dig it, baby!

Todd Farmer - Happy to Drive Angry

Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's next bit of cinematic madness, the Nicolas Cage revenge vehicle Drive Angry in 3D, is officially in the can, and the flick is set to have a big presence at this year's SD Comic-Con so what's left to do? Well, for co-writer Farmer it's time to blog and post images, that's what!

SDCC '10: Get Ready to Drive Angry at Comic-Con

Summit Entertainment's 3D tale of revenge, hot chicks, and Tom friggin' Atkins will be previewed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and we've got all the details for ya!

More Drive Angry News: Cage Says It's Another Foray into the Supernatural

None of the stories we've done thus far on Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry have mentioned any sort of "supernatural" element to the film, but according to its star, Nicolas Cage, that's exact what we have to look forward to.

Drive Angry: Patrick Lussier Talks the Benefits of Shooting in 3D as Opposed to 3D Conversion

With Clash of the Titans receiving a less than stellar reception from moviegoers in terms of how good the flick is in 3D given that it was filmed in 2D but later converted to the third dimension, some of you may be wondering why something so eye-popping is apparently playing so flat.

First Behind-the-Scenes Still: Tom Atkins in Drive Angry

We've been talking about Patrick Lussier's latest 3D carnage fest, Drive Angry, for quite some time now, and finally the first behind-the-scenes image has arrived from the set.

Katy Mixon Is the Next Hot Chica to Drive Angry

In their seemingly never-ending quest to fill the big screen with as much eye candy as possible, the folks behind the 3D feature Drive Angry have added yet another sultry cast member to their growing list of to drool over darlings.

Tom Atkins Talks Halloween 3D

Ever since news broke of Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier reteaming to bring us Halloween 3D, we've been hoping and praying that the film gets made because we believe this duo have the chops to get the Halloween franchise back on the track that it needs to be on.