Timeless Script Gets Optioned from Zombie Diaries Creator

In 2006 Michael Bartlett co-wrote and co-directed The Zombie Diaries, and he'll next be turning his attention away from the undead over to time travel, with a new film he wrote called Timeless. Read on for details!

Timeless Script Review

A while back we gave you the skinny on Michael Bartlett's upcoming time travel thriller, Timeless, along with the exclusive one sheet. We haven't heard much about the film since then, but today there's a script review available online for your reading pleasure.

Teaser Art for Michael Bartlett's Timeless

It's been a while since we've heard from our good friend Michael Bartlett (The Zombie Diaries), but thankfully he dropped us a line tonight with some teaser artwork and information about his and co-director Kevin Gates' next film, Timeless.

Exclusive: Michael Bartlett Talks Zombie Diaries 2, Forever Darkness & More!

With the impending release of The Zombie Diaries (review here) hitting DVD in a few days, co-dir