Thomas Jane

Piper Perabo to Ride David Hackl's Red Machine

Yes, that headline sounds kind of dirty, but sometimes we just cannot help ourselves. In any event more casting news has come for the next flick from Saw V director David Hackl. Dig it!

Casting Starts to Firm Up for David Hackl's Red Machine

Talk about time flying by! It was September of 2010 when last we heard anything about Saw V director David Hackl's next project, Red Machine, but finally some casting news has come to light - for not just one, but three leading men!

Jose Prendes Provides Updates on Two New Projects: Final Girl and A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand

Jose Prendes dropped us a line with updates on two new projects he's working on, and while one is more along the lines of a spaghetti western, it has one of our favorite actor/directors involved, and Jose promises it will be especially violent and bloody, so we thought we'd pass along the info to our readers.

Event Report: The 2011 Eyegore Awards Celebrate the Best and Brightest of the Horror Genre

This past Friday night, September 23rd, the Halloween season officially kicked off in style with the 2011 Eyegore Awards held at the Globe Theater at Universal Studios in Hollywood as part of the opening night of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Hosted by genre veteran and previous Eyegore winner Corey Feldman (who was joined on stage by a wisecracking zombie scarecrow), many of horror's biggest names came out to celebrate our favorite time of year and pay homage to several of the genre's biggest contributors and newcomers alike.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 3 (July 23) Schedule Now Live; Coppola, Kirkman, Immortals, Vampires, Dinosaurs, Badass Knights, and More!

By the time Saturday rolls around during the San Diego Comic-Con, we've separated the men from the boys and know who's in it for the long haul. This year Saturday is chock-full of horror offerings throughout the entire day so if you'll be there, make sure to drink plenty of coffee, wear comfortable shoes, and be ready to hoof it from one end of the convention center to the other!

Thomas Jane Ready to Wolf Out With The Lycan

Thomas Jane is one of the most versatile actors working within the industry today. For years he's been fighting sharks, punishing crooks, and even saving crazed Christians from the monsters in The Mist. Now it's time for him to get a bit long in the tooth!

Thomas Jane Petitioning to Become One of The Walking Dead?

Director Frank Darabont and actor Thomas Jane have a long history together. One that Jane wants to continue while inhabiting a wasteland filled with shambling flesh-eaters. Ah yes, dear reader! It's time for more chatter concerning our most looked forward to TV show, "The Walking Dead." In a recent interview with NBC Washington, Jane dropped the following on fans ...

Sony Shares Four Clips from Dark Country

Sony Pictures is releasing Thomas Jane's Dark Country onto DVD on October 6th, and to help build the anticipation, they've released four new clips from the suspenseful horror thriller. Jane makes his directorial debut on the film and co-stars with Lauren German (Hostel: Part II) and Ron Perlman.

Badass Alternative Art - Dark Country

Ever look at the art on a DVD and think to yourself, "Come on! I know they can do better than this!"? Yep, generic art can be a real downer, especially when it contain floating heads, etc. Sadly, the DVD for Thomas Jane's directorial debut Dark Country, which hits home video on October 6th, 2009, has been hit with generic art, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything else out there.

First Look at Thomas Jane's Dark Country DVD Art

Thomas Jane continues to be a cool and naturally likeable screen presences and yet, for some reason, he hovers on the fringes of mainstream acceptance. His directorial debut, Dark Country was shot in 3D for theaters but, sadly, the only place we'll be checking this out is within the solitude of our living rooms.

Stills From a Dark Country

Several bloody stills from Thomas Jane's directorial debut Dark Country, which is hitting DVD on October 6, 2009, have popped up courtesy of Sony Pictures, and we've got 'em for ya to dig on!

Dark Country Trailer and DVD News

Thomas Jane's directorial debut, Dark Country is getting set to hit DVD on October 6, 2009 and we've got all the goods you need to know about it including the trailer! Dig it!

Thomas Jane's Dark Country Goes Theatrical

Quick update for those of you out there excited about Thomas Jane's next feature in which he stars and directs, Dark Country -- looks like this baby is heading to theatres!

Mutant Chronicles DVD Art / Date

The much talked about Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane sci-fi/horror vehicle The Mutant Chronicles (review here) is finally making its way to home video, and we have the skinny for you M-lovers out there!

Perlman, Ron (Mutant Chronicles)

In his 28 years in film and television, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that actor Ron Perlman has enjoyed a vast career. He’s a Gold