The Woman in Black

Dinner for Fiends: Bad Moon Rising

Kate Beckinsale in fetish wear drops from ceilings. Super-powered teens go all Columbine. Ghosts terrorize Harry Potter. Liam Neeson beats the crap out of wolves. Movie endings confound. Viewer mail confounds even more so. Plus, film snob douchbaggery, two-headed sharks, men on ledges, and much, much more. Yep. A new edition of DFF is being served.

Exclusive TV Spot: The Woman in Black

As a means to help the film continue to kick ass throughout the long President's Day weekend, the good folks over at CBS Films have sent over an exclusive TV spot from The Woman in Black (review here) for you guys to dig on. Check it out!

Did The Rock vs. Jar Jar Binks vs. The Apex Predator vs. Harry Potter Main Event the Box Office Smackdown this Weekend?

The tag team combinations of Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams and Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds may have ruled the record-breaking box office, but for genre fans it was all about The Rock starring in Brendan Fraser’s sloppy seconds, George Lucas’ continuing efforts to wring every last penny out of the Star Wars brand, and round two between a found footage superpowers movie and a Hammer ghost flick starring Harry Potter.

Harry Potter & the House of Hammer Battles The Adventures of Super Carrie for Box Office Championship

At the time of my writing this box office report, we still don’t know how close the score will be in the big game between the New England Patriots and “the New York football Giants” (as Howard Cosell used to call them), but at the movie Super Bowl this weekend, a one-point difference is about all that separated The Woman in Black and Chronicle for the box office championship.

New Clip from The Woman in Black Focuses on the Lady in the Chair

Yes, The Woman in Black (review here) has already opened in US theatres (and is currently locked in a dead heat with Chronicle for box office domination), but CBS Films isn't taking the day off promoting it, as evidenced by this new clip that hit the web entitled "Lady in the Chair".

Dig on the Opening Moments of and an Alternate Poster for The Woman in Black

The time has come. The Woman in Black (review here) is now haunting a theatre near you, but if you need a bit more incentive to see it, check out the opening scene!

Two More TV Spots for The Woman in Black Materialize - Listen or Face Her Alone!

With The Woman in Black debuting domestically in just a few hours, the film's PR machine is making its final push to get seats filled by releasing a couple more TV spots, which are entitled "Listen" and "Alone".

Exclusive Interview: Producers Simon Oakes and Nigel Sinclair Talk Hammer Horror and More for The Woman in Black

In honor of CBS Films' upcoming release of The Woman in Black in US theaters tomorrow, February 3rd, Dread Central recently had the opportunity to chat with two producers on the latest out of the Hammer horror stable, Simon Oakes and Nigel Sinclair.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Woman in Black

We've brought you soundbites, stills, featurettes, one-sheets, and everything else under the sun for The Woman in Black, and now? Well, now we take you behind-the-scenes of course! Dig it!

The Woman in Black Review Creeps In

Just a couple more days. That's how long you'll have to wait to see the latest film from Hammer, The Woman in Black. On tap right now is our review to help you judge whether or not you'll be sitting in theatres suffering from the shivers!

Woman in Black, The (2012)

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer Directed by James Watkins

The Woman in Black - Video Soundbites Bring You into the Marsh

Excited for The Woman in Black to creep into theatres this weekend? You should be! Early word is that it's a winner. To further entice you into her dark and spooky world, we have a series of videos for you to chew on! Dig it!

Exclusive Interview with Daniel Radcliffe - The Woman in Black

As the frost of winter puts a chill our spines, The Woman in Black aims to do the same. Based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel, this is the second ghostly retelling of the tale, produced this time by the legendary Hammer Films—the same production house that brought many of our beloved genre classics starring the greats like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Limited Edition Signed One-Sheet for The Woman in Black; New TV Spot Released

Here at Dread Central we always try to go the extra mile to get you some stuff you cannot get anywhere else. Case in point: How would you like to win an exclusive one-sheet for The Woman in Black signed by artist Daniel Danger? Yeah, we thought that would get your attention!

Embrace the Darkness in this Extended TV Spot for The Woman in Black

Yes, we've already seen a TV spot titled "Darkness" for next week's premiere of The Woman in Black from CBS Films, but this version is twice as long and twice as spooky! Check it out.