The Uninvited

Kebbel Signs for Sisters

More casting news for the Tale of Two Sisters remake has landed in the trades today, and it’s hot. Namely, said casting is Arielle Kebbel (The Grudge 2), who has signed on as one of the two sisters mentioned in the film's title. And that, friends, is hot. Bit of a change from the original since the girls seemed much younger in that, but then Koreans never do show their age very accurately, do they?

Strathairn Fathers Two Sisters

Some more casting for the Guard Brothers’ remake of the Korean horror smash A Tale of Two Sisters has gone down today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Two Sisters Mom Cast

I question if anyone still cares about a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters nowadays, when J-horror (and yes, I know it's technically K-horror) finally seems to have run it’s course with US audiences, but I guess it depends on if they can make it as good as the original.

Posterizing AFM

One of the other cool things that come out of AFM each year is the plethora of new posters for films, most of which are usually temporary for the fest itself, but some are the real final deal. The boys at Bloody Disgusting got their camera lens pointed at five such posters: early works for Castlevania and The Deaths of Ian as well as what looks like the final posters for Hatchet, The Tripper, and Doug Buck’s Sisters remake. Click here to check ‘em out!