The Terminator

Writers Found for New Terminator Movie

Now that the rights to the Terminator franchise are no longer an issue, it's time for everyone to get back to business and hopefully bring us The Terminator sequel we've all been wanting since the second installment.

Terminator Rights Deal Finally Settled

The road to getting another Terminator movie made has gotten as complicated as traversing Skynet's main frame. The main culprit behind the various hardships has been a rights dispute that has thankfully drawn to a close.

Exclusive: Stan Winston's Famous Monsters Day Two - The Terminator!

To celebrate Halloween this year, Dread Central cooked up something special with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts: Seven Days of Stan Winston's Famous Monsters. Yesterday we brought you a look at James Cameron's Aliens, and today we have more exclusive goodies!

More Terminator Chatter from Justin Lin - Sarah Connor Returning?

With the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back to the Terminator franchise, you really have to wonder if we'll be seeing any more familiar faces loading up for one more round. Speaking of which ...

Paul Walker to be a Fast and Furious Kyle Reese in New Terminator Movie?

While star and baby maker Arnold Schwarzenegger sorts out his personal life, chatter of a fifth entry into The Terminator franchise continues, this time with some possible casting news.

The Terminator Franchise Finds a Home

One of the biggest deals to go down at this year's Cannes film market is now over and done with. All that's left to do? Send Arnie back to the gym, fire up the CGI computers, go for an R rating and get to filming!

New Terminator News - Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back

The day Terminator fans have been waiting patiently for is here. The man who piloted everyone's favorite killer cyborg is back in the synthetic flesh and looking to unload in the name of saving the universe from the machines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teases More Possible Features

It's been a few weeks since last we told you about Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen, and since then lots of projects have been slid the former Governator's way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ready to Star in New Terminator Movie?

Yes, Terminator: Salvation sucked a copious amount of yak nuts. There's just no denying that. You have to admit, though, for those few seconds when a CGI Arnie showed up, you had a quick flashback of how great things used to be! Could there be more on the way?

Well ... He Said He'd Be Back! Schwarzenegger Returning to the Silver Screen

With all that nasty governing business now behind him, action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to return his focus to a life back behind the cameras,, and the possibilities are endless.

Gale Anne Hurd Talks the Terminator and a Possible Return to the Franchise

For those of you in need of a history lesson, "The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd also helped to create one of the single greatest apocalyptic movie universes with The Terminator, a franchise which over the years has gone from great to kind of okay to complete shit. Recently Hurd got to sound off about the series' history.

Rights to Terminator Acquired

Well, the bidding war for the rights to the Terminator franchise is over, and the studio who obtained the rights is The Asylum! Yep, no more mockbusters for them! They're going totally legit! Okay, not really, we're lying, but could you imagine?

Sony Joins Bidding War for Rights to Terminator Franchise

Lots of studios are vying for the rights to one of the most successful film franchises of all time, The Terminator. Lionsgate ... Sony ... honestly we don't care who gets it as long as they keep it far away from McG and his pussy Terminators that seem to have an aversion to ... well ... terminating!