The Stranger

The Stranger Has a Partner in Crime

It happens, man. One day you're young and carefree so you go on a murder spree with a good friend. Still, that can get old too after a while so to prevent boredom, you go and start a new life. In theory that works, but your past can have a way of catching up with you.

The Stranger Gets a Remake

We feel like it's been a while since we last talked about remakes of movies over seven decades old, but alas Hollyweird is reaching back into its past to deliver a new version of the 1946 flick The Stranger.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Talks The Stranger, The Expendables and More

If you were a fan of the WWE during the “Attitude Era,” there was one man that clearly embodied this new direction in sports entertainment: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin, who worked steadily in the wrestling industry from 1991 up through last year, wasn’t satisfied after almost two decades in the business with just electrifying wrestling audiences. He was ready to take his shot in Hollywood.