The Sacred

Witness the Return of the Killer Shrews in this Campy Trailer

The one sure thing about Steve Latshaw’s Return of the Killer Shrews is that it has to be a better movie than the original 1959 snoozer. God help us if it’s not. But it has to be because the original didn’t have John Schneider, Bruce Davison, or bikini babes. Am I right?

Four New Images from The Sacred

In celebration of its DVD release from Osiris Entertainment today, we've scored four new images for you from The Sacred. Check out every pixel right here!

Nightmarish New Images From The Sacred

On DVD November 18th, 2011 from Osiris Entertainment is The Sacred, and we've got a ton of new images ready to tide you over until release. Dig it!

The Sacred Coming to DVD; Full Image Gallery

It's been a long while since last we spoke about The Sacred, but the flick is getting set to hit DVD in November, 2011 via Osiris Entertainment (look for a firm date soon), and we've got a full image gallery and even the artwork for you! Dig it!

First Details and Art: The Sacred

Florida is home to some spooky stuff, and we're not just talking about the over-sized insects and chicks with sideburns rockin' NASCAR jackets (both of which, by the way, were not in the Florida brochure). What we're talking about here is Jose Zambrano Casella's latest indie effort The Sacred.

Badass New Trailer for The Sacred

It's been several months since we last talked about Jose Cassella's zombie opus The Sacred but thankfully the good folks behind this effort have kept punching and as a result have delivered a trailer that's nothing short of a knock-out.

Cassella's Sacred Trailer

Don't go messing around in the Florida swamps. Trust me here; I've got a bullet in my leg and gator bite marks to prove it's just a bad idea. Though ... I would risk it all again if it guaranteed a supernatural experience.