The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dr. Frank-N-Furter's Castle Valued at $224,000

The Rocky Horror Picture Show may very well be granddaddy of all cult films. And fans of cult films often discover weird things about their favorite movies. For example, Movoto crunched some numbers and figured out the exact selling price of Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle, $224,224.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Barry Bostwick Surprises Audience at SF Sketchfest Closing Night

The San Francisco Comedy Festival, better known as SF Sketchfest, had quite the surprise when special guest Barry Bostwick was invited to introduced his classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Host Peaches Christ presided over the evening's events, which were ... interesting.

Syracuse To Celebrate Halloween with Drs. Frankenstein and Frank-N-Furter

Who knew that Syracuse was such a hotbed of horror? It seems like every week they're either screening Shock Wave or The Human Centipede 2 or having a zombie night of some kind. Well then, you've got to figure the Orangemen know how to do Halloween…how's this for a double bill, Frankenstein and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (audience participation required).

Rocky Horror Picture Show - New Time Warp World Record! Pictures and Video!

All the Rocky Horror Picture Show fans out there will be happy to know that Halloween night in L.A. a record was set for the most fans ever to do "The Time Warp" at one time! We've got images from the event as well as video just waiting for you to take a jump to the left and then a step to the right! From the Press Release

DVD Releases - October 19th: It's a Rocky, Psycho Night of the Predators in Mirrors

The number of home video releases on October 19th is not as abundant as in recent weeks, and fewer re-released titles means those that are available are much more special. In this batch one Adrien Brody flick competes with another, and at least two independent horror titles are making a splash. Two beloved classic films return in Blu-ray where one is supplemented by a documentary treatment of it.

Blu-ray Specs and Artwork: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's coming. Or should I say cumming? One cannot help but get a little dirty when it comes (there I go again) to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and now the cult flick is getting ready to strut its stuff in high definition.

New Halloween Horror Nights Behind-the-Scenes Video

Curious about what types of terrors you're going to be experiencing at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2009? We'll we've got the skinny on a preview for you, so steady yourself and prepare for a quick glimpse at just a few of the things going bump in the night.

Tickets Now On Sale: Halloween Horror Nights

This year's Halloween Horror Nights looks set to be the biggest, best, and most rockin' horror themed shindig ever! My Bloody Valentine, Halloween, Saw, Shaun of the Dead themed attractions will be alive and kicking along with the addition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Remake

Now this might go down in history as one of the worst ideas in Hollywood history; remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean, seriously, is this necessary? The original has been annoying me since it was released in 1975, why do we need another take on it?