The Return of the X from Outer Space

The X From Outer Space Needs a Job?

Though not the return to form for Guilala Foy was so excited about here, the great X From Outer Space has resurfaced here in the States ... in a commercial?

The Return of the X From Outer Space

If you've never seen the 1967 Japanese giant monster movie The X From Outer Space, then you've missed out on one of the most oddball daikaiju movies of all time. That oddball factor is due in tremendous part to its title monster, Guilala (pronounced Goo-La-La), being one of the goofiest looking movie monsters to ever grace the silver screen. If you've never heard of Guilala, well, just take a good look at it. Body wise, it looks like a cross between a chicken, a dinosaur, and The Michelin Man.