The Last Resort

Last Resort, The (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring America Olivio, Paulie Rojas, Marissa Tait, Sita Young, Arianne Zucker, Nick Ballard Directed by Brandon Nutt Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

DVD Release List: August 11, 2009: Wicked Women Lead The Wild Man to The Crypt of Bad Boy Bubby

You know it's a weird week for DVD releases when the cream of the crop includes a couple of Blu-ray reissues, Fifties throwback horror/sci-fi hybrid Alien Trespass (read Creepy's review here), and Bigfoot-inspired The Wild Man of the Navidad, which garnered one of the higher ratings Foy's doled out in quite some time (review here).

Lionsgate - The Last Resort

If I were America Olivo, I'd just stay in the city where it's safe. You may remember her from the Friday the 13th relaunch as the woman in the pre-title sequence who showed us her ample bosom and then got roasted alive in a sleeping bag. Now she's off to a tropical paradise that for her and others may very well prove to be The Last Resort.