The Fury

Arrow Video Unleashing The Fury on UK Blu-ray Later This Month

The wizards at Arrow Video have been focusing their brain waves on bringing another cult treasure to hi-def life in the UK, and the result is a brand new restoration of Brian De Palma's The Fury, hitting shelves on October 28th. Don't stare too long...

Brian De Palma's The Fury the Latest Cult Favorite Going Blu-ray in 2013

We keep hearing about the fiscal cliff in the news, but for genre fans it’s looking more and more like 2013 will require major budget compromises to pay for all the classic/cult horror coming to Blu-ray. Add Brian De Palma’s The Fury to your Blu-ray budget-busting list next year.

A Fury From Down Under

We all know a remake of Brian DePalma’s The Fury is in the works. To make sure we’re kept on our toes, though, we got an e-mail today regarding an Aussie movie being made that’s also going under the title The Fury.I gotta say this one sounds more interesting than yet another remake…

The Fury Next on the Remake Block

First Sisters, now The Fury. Brian DePalma’s early work seem ripe for re-imagining (oh, God I hate that word) in today’s Hollywood. But at least they were smart with Sisters and got Doug Buck behind it. How much do you wanna bet the same doesn’t happen with The Fury?