The Buz: Horror vs. Teh Interwebz

Top Ten Greatest Beards in Horror History

You know what really makes a man? A beard. Beards have been featured in films throughout the history of cinema, some great, some good, and some not so great or good. But over the years a few beards have stood the test of time and deserve a little attention. So without further ado ... The Buz presents: THE TOP TEN LIST OF THE GREATEST BEARDS IN HORROR HISTORY

The Buz: W1nt3r J4$@N

At some point in the year 2010, it will be winter. And even mass murderers need to suit up for such an occasion, as well as keep their pot neat and clean from those pesky snowflakes.

The Buz: Jason Drops the Iron Curtain

Before the Internet, and before The Simpsons themed Clue board game, the Cold War was in strong effect with Americans fearing for their very existence. That's why they sent the only man they felt properly represented them to defeat the Soviet threat. A man who was a walking shit storm of death, destruction, patriotism, good ol' fashion family values, and a simple but strong hatred for teenagers and good times.

The Buz: He Who Lolz Behind the Rows

This week's The Buz takes a classic Stephen King tale and does whatever The Buz does to classic horror movies. So please enjoy the adventure with Issac, Malachai, and a certain Detective Kimble. Oh and lots of corn. Lots and lots of corn.

The Buz: PredatoROFL

"When I was little, we found a man. He looked like - like, butchered. The old woman in the village crossed themselves... and whispered crazy things, strange things. "El Diablo cazador de hombres." Only in the hottest years this happens. And this year, it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse. "El demonio que hace trofeos de hombres y lulz" means the demon who makes trophies of men and lulz."

The Buz: TarantuLOL

Ever wonder how they artificially enhanced the shark brains in Deep Blue Sea? Or just how they were able to get dino DNA out those pesky mosquitoes from Jurassic Park? Well, this week's The Buz explains all those crazy little mysteries found in the movies and more.

The Buz: Creature from the LOL Lagoon

The Buz™ is back again this week with a new panel featuring my personal favorite Universal Monster. The Creature from the LOL Lagoon.

The Buz: Dawn of the Woven Dead

Buz "Danger" Wallick here with more random LOL's for you. This time we delve into the deep-seated horror known as yarn puppets, but with a Romero twist.

The Buz is Back!

Now this has been a long time coming! You may remember a semi-regular column of bizarreness called The Buz: Horror vs. Teh Interwebz, which took "normal" movies and re-imagined them with internet speak. The man behind the series, Buz "Danger" Wallick, spent the better part of last year in a Turkish prison thanks to his last entry, but we're happy to announce that he's free and ready to corrupt your favorite films all over again!

Nightmare Psycho on Friday of Halloween

Finally! A new installment of The Buz has arrived, but ... what is this? It's not a comic?! Oh noes!!!1!!11!!

The Buz Returns! ZOMG ALI3N!!!1

Can you say ABOUT TIME? After a very long hiatus, THE BUZ is FINALLY back. If you don't remember THE BUZ, you should be head shotted. But because it has been nearly a year since the last one, I'll forgive you if you don't remember. In any case I apologize for the long wait to my adoring five fans. The film that is in this month's crosshairs is my personal favorite: ALIEN. Hope everyone LOL's and ROFFLES. Look for next month's THE BUZ: Teh L0st B0ys.

OMG!!111!!! F3ar F3st Oh7!!!!111!!

OMG! Nite of teh Lvng Dead!!!11111!!!