The Beast Within

Tom Holland Revisiting The Beast Within

On Blu-ray and DVD right now via the Scream Factory is 1982's The Beast Within. The film was Tom Holland's first produced feature screenplay, and according to Fango, some of what he wrote couldn’t be filmed for the 1982 release.

The Scream Factory Offers Up Full Details on The Beast Within and Crawlspace Blu-ray Releases!

December brings some more horror-loving holiday joy our way from the Scream Factory as they've just dished the details on two of their upcoming releases: The Beast Within and Crawlspace! Read on!

Scream Factory Announces The Beast Within and Crawlspace; Reveals Artwork for Amityville Trilogy Blu-ray

Today Scream Factory celebrates its one-year anniversary so the label revealed some new goodies for the masses! Check out all the latest here!

DVD Releases: Nov. 3, 2009: See the Beast Within your Dark Mirror

It's a Foy-a-palooza this week with several releases that have his name all over them like Beast Within, Mutants (not the French film of the same name), Night Watcher, and Sand Serpents. Mixed in with those are the more promising sounding Dark Mirror and a four-pack of Hitchcock classics that includes Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, The Wrong Man, and I Confess.

Lionsgate's Post Halloween DVD Horrors

With the titles of the Ghosthouse Underground label filling up the majority of their October horror DVD slate, November brings us Lionsgate's sloppy seconds. I mean, a horror movie getting dumped onto DVD a week or two after Halloween strikes me as an afterthought on the distributor's part. Lionsgate has three such chillers getting the post-Halloween DVD mistreatment.