The Apparition

Apparition, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, J-horror clichés Directed by Todd Lincoln

Top 11 Cinematic Experiments Gone Wrong

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Truer words were never spoken. So when someone decides to construct a body from cadaver parts and reanimate it with a lightning bolt, or surgically connect three people with one gastroenterological tract, they always hope for the best. Unfortunately, that's not usually the result.

The Apparition Reappearing on DVD and Blu-ray Next Month

That certainly didn’t take long. It rarely does when the movie is as big of a box office flop as The Apparition was. The Ashley Greene spookfest about a young couple being haunted in their new house opened on big screens less than two months ago.

Dinner for Fiends: Cool Story Bro!

Going into this edition of Dinner for Fiends, we were all thinking there wouldn’t be much territory to cover. Turns out there was actually much more to talk about than we expected. Of course all conversations were sandwiched between the usual nonsense.

Exorcism Fails! Possession Continues to Grasp the Box Office!

The weekend after Labor Day is traditionally one of the least movie-going weekends of the year, and this year that tradition held true. That’s good news for The Possession as it held the top spot as the most watched movie of the least watched weekend.

No Day Off for Exorcists! The Possession Dominates the Labor Day Weekend Box Office!

Remember last weekend when I speculated that the box office failure of horror movies released in August/September 2011 might be repeating itself this year? Never mind. Turns out it was just a case of either nobody wanted to see The Apparition or they were all waiting for The Possession.

The Apparition Fails to Materialize at the Box Office

Remember last year when a slew of horror offerings were released in the months of August and September, and one after another proceeded to flop at the box office? Seeing as how The Apparition went unseen this weekend, it looks like history might be repeating.

Seven Horrific Hauntings Based on True Events

"Based on true events..." "Inspired by a true story..." However you phrase it, one key word always manages to make horror more horrific: true. Sit back and relax as we take a look at some movies based upon the strange, bizarre, and weird.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Apparition

Right now, somewhere, your local theatre is being haunted by The Apparition (review), and to get you in the spirit of things, we have a couple of behind-the-scenes videos to get your ghosts.

Apparition, The (2012)

Starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton Directed by Todd Lincoln

The Apparition Manifests with Some Soundbites: Ashley Greene, Tom Felton and Sebastian Stan

With The Apparition readying itself to begin haunting theatres this Friday, we figured that now would be as good a time as any to bust out some video soundbites for you cats! On tap: Ashley Greene, Tom Felton, and Sebastian Stan!

Exclusive Interview: Filmmaker Todd Lincoln Discusses The Apparition, Ashley Greene and Future Projects

On Friday writer/director Todd Lincoln's supernatural thriller The Apparition hits theaters everywhere, and to get you ready for the spookfest, Dread Central brought back a video interview with the up-and-coming filmmaker.

The Apparition - Get Wrapped Up in Two New Clips

After a two-month long drought without a real horror movie to go see, we are more than looking forward to this weekend's opening of The Apparition. Need more reasons to be stoked? Check out these newly released clips!

Three TV Spots for The Apparition Arrive to Haunt Your Tuesday

Ready to add a little spooky to your Tuesday afternoon? Then check out these three new TV spots for The Apparition, opening nationwide this Friday, August 24th.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Prize Package From The Apparition!

Who knew spectres could be so giving? Well okay, you're not winning a prize package from an actual apparition even though that would be incredibly cool. What we're talking about here is your choice to land yourself some cool swag from the film The Apparition!