Ted V. Mikels

The Corpse Grinders Grind out Another Sequel

In 1971 director Ted V. Mikels brought the world the cult classic The Corpse Grinders. In 2000 he returned with a sequel cleverly titled The Corpse Grinders 2. Now Mikels is going to the well for a third time with - you guessed it - The Corpse Grinders 3!

B-Sides: You’ll End Up Eating Worms

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Guess I’ll go eat worms. Or you could just go watch the bizarro 1977 horror comedy The Worm Eaters. Rarely will you hear a song as cheery as this about a subject as disgusting as worm eating.

DVD Releases: Feb. 23, 2010: Leave The Caretaker in The Box Along Sorority Row

Well, we've gone from the famine of last week to a veritable feast of DVD and Blu-ray offerings on home video this week. There's definitely something for everyone: Nazi zombies in Dead Snow, freaks galore in The Vampire's Assistant, beautiful people getting hacked and slashed in Sorority Row, and buttons being pushed in The Box.

Teaser Trailer: Ted V. Mikels Third Astro Zombies Flick

The last time I wrote about the trailer for a new Ted V. Mikels movie, of which I was complimentary towards, I still used some quite appropriate adjectives that a member of the film's crew found so objectionable they posted a deranged dissertation denouncing me.

Ted V. Mikels' Demons Prepare to Haunt

The ever reliable Avery Guerra tipped me off that eccentric Z-grade filmmaker Ted V. Mikels (The Corpse Grinders, The Astro-Zombies, The Girl with Gold Boots) has a new fright flick coming down the pike called Demon Haunt. Here's the synopsis courtesy of Ted V. Mikels' personal website.